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October 21, 2016

Sony Laptop VAIO SVT151A11L Disassembly Guide

Sony laptops gained many fans ever since the first VAIO notebooks hit the markets in mid 90s. Sony always put stress on the design making their laptops look better than competition. Only Apple with their white PowerBook, and later

August 04, 2016

Dell Inspiron 17R 3721 Laptop Disassembly Guide

Large display and attractive price tag make Dell Inspiron 17R 3721 a popular choice. Being a 17-inch screen size laptop Dell 17R is a great desktop replacement for those who want a laptop but don’t want to spen

August 02, 2016

HP Sleekbook m6 k010dx Laptop Disassembly Guide

HP Sleekbook m6 k010dx Entertainment Notebook PC

July 26, 2016

17-inch MacBook Pro A1297 Disassembly Guide

MacBook Pro 8,3 2.2GHz Core i7 MC725LL/A The 17-inch MacBook Pro A1297 was a flagship of Apple laptops for a long time. As well as its predecessors 17-inch PowerBook and first generations o

July 21, 2016

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Disassembly Guide

Before you get to disassemble your Microsoft Surface consider selling it. Most of the time it's easier to sell broken tablet and buy a new one rather than try to fix it. The latest

July 14, 2016

Apple MacBook Pro 9.2 13-inch A1278 Disassembly Guide

Ever since the appearance of first generation MacBook Pro on the market 10 years ago it quickly became the cornerstone of modern laptop design. Nicely styled aluminum body is a standard in premium laptops now. Edge to edge glass covered display and keyboard integrated with palmrest were originally i

July 12, 2016

Macbook Pro A1502 Disassembly Guide

New MacBooks and MacBook Pros are on top of the game when it comes to laptops. Equipped with Retina Displays and fast processors are ahead of most competition. They are also priced accordingly and now everybody can afford one. But it’s not a surprise that good things cost more.

July 07, 2016

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet Disassembly


July 05, 2016

Lenovo Yoga TAB 2 Disassembly

In today's personal computing laptops are often replaced with tablets. They are more portable and user friendly. Touchscreen commanding seems easier and more straight forward than laptop's touchpad and keyboard. No surprise all laptop manufacturers are making tablet computers now. New models are rel

June 27, 2016

Apple Macbook Air 13” 2011 (A1369) Disassembly Guide

MacBook Air was introduced in early 2008. Ever since making other computer manufacturers chase the dream of building an ultra portable laptop to create with Apple’s creation. For years cheap imitations hit the market one after another. Until Dell finally got it right

June 20, 2016

2015 Apple iMac A1418 PC Disassembly Guide

The 2015 model comes right out of the box with a  2.8GHz Intel i5 processor, 1TB Hard Drive and a 21-inch screen.

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