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Getting Instant Quote

  • How to use the Instant Quote?

    Browse our catalogue or type in the model and select your device. Answer a few simple questions about cosmetic conditions and possible defects. Use a serial number to find your MacBook model.
    If you like the offer add your device and go to checkout to place an order. Please mail your device within 30 days of submitting an order.

  • What if I can’t find my model?

    Please email us the model. We will add it to our website and will email you a link to it.

  • How are the estimates generated?

    Our website’s engine analyses daily various marketplaces and calculates the highest offers for our customers.

  • Are the offers guaranteed?

    As long as you select the correct model and condition you will be paid the quoted amount.
    If we receive a different model or different condition we will send you a revised offer based on our online quote for the correct device.

  • What if you don’t like the revised offer?

    If you don’t accept the new offer we will send your device back for free with exceptions: incorrect model selected, very obvious damage that didn’t occur in the shipping, the device is password/passcode/ iCloud locked.

Shipping Sold Device

  • How to prepare my device for shipping?

    Please make sure that your password is free of any passwords (especially bios passwords). Sign out from all accounts that the device is connected to before resetting it: Apple iTunes/iCloud, Google, Microsoft.
    If your device is defective and you are not able to remove passwords please write it down on the order summary and mail it with the device. When you are able to, please perform a factory reset within the settings of the device.
    If the device is locked with a Bios password and can’t be unlocked you will be sent a revised offer reflecting that as a defect.

  • Is my personal data safe?

    Yes, we take your privacy very seriously. If you are not able to factory reset your device we will permanently erase your data upon receiving your device.

  • How to pack my device for safe transit?

    We recommend wrapping laptops, tablets and phones smaller in 2 inches layer of bubble wrap. For desktops and all-in-ones we recommend more padding as they are prone to damage due to higher weight.
    Packages are insured for up to $100 and customers are responsible for proper packaging to avoid damage in the shipping. SellBroke is not liable for any damage that occurred due to insufficient packaging.

  • Do I need to buy a new box?

    We encourage our customers to recycle used boxes, as long as they are sturdy and big enough to fit the device with recommended padding. This is a part of our recycling mission to help our planet.

  • Is shipping really free?

    Yes, the label you receive from us at the checkout is fully prepaid.

  • Can I track my shipment?

    The prepaid shipping label is fully trackable online. Please retain a copy of drop off receipt from FedEx or UPS until your device is delivered to us.

  • Can I cancel my order?

    If you change your mind you don’t need to cancel your order with us. Simply don’t mail your device.

  • Can I only ship from the US?

    We also purchase devices from Canada. Since we are not able to generate prepaid shipping labels from outside of the US we simply reimburse shipping charges from Canada up to $20.

Inspection and Payout

  • How will I know that you received my device?

    We will email you once your device arrives at our facility.

  • How long does the inspection take?

    We strive to inspect all devices within 24 hours from arrival time.
    If your device checks out as described on your order you will be paid instantly with PayPal and Zelle transfers, or a check will be mailed to your address.

  • What if you receive a different model?

    You will be sent a revised offer for the correct model based on our instant quote.