10 Must Know Tips Before Buying a Laptop in 2020

Buying a laptop can be sometimes stressful if you do not know the right things to look out for. Laptops are invaluable in today’s world, and it will be unfair for anyone to lose the money they worked hard for while not getting the expected satisfaction. There are tips you must know before buying a laptop, and we have helped you to compile 10 of these tips, so you wouldn’t fall victim of losing your hard-earned money on laptops that do not fulfill your needs.


Your Budget Matters


You must have a budget before proceeding to buy a laptop. There is a laptop for every type of budget, so it will be wise to know what you can afford before setting out. The purchasing power per person varies, same as the need. Deciding your budget beforehand helps to keep you in focus on what you really want. And keep in mind that places that sell laptops will try to advise you to purchase the most expensive machine you can afford so they make a bigger profit.


Processor Equals Speed


The processor determines how fast a system processes a task. You need a powerful processor for certain tasks to be smoothly executed on the system. Tasks like video editing and gaming need powerful processors for smooth execution. The Intel Core i7 series is an example of a super-fast processor.


More RAM More functions


The RAN (Random Access Memory) is the physical memory of a laptop which helps to speed up the processing of an application. For smooth execution of most tasks, you will need at least 4GB RAM.  For tasks that require heavy processing, you will need more than 4GB of RAM.


Hard Disk Is Important


The hard drive helps to keep your data, like videos, images, docs and other forms of data. The amount of hard drive space you need depends on how often you save data on your laptop. for fast execution of task, you need Solid State Drive (SSD), which might be quite expensive, but they are faster than the usual HDD.


Screen Size And Resolution


If you are the type that watched a lot of movies and play games on your laptop, you will need a bigger screen size that regular users like people that use it for office work and web surfing. Also, consider HD screens with anti-glare features, as it has better resolution. There are also touchscreen laptops, which brings more ease of navigation.




Laptops with slim design, easy to carry around, are great. The design of a laptop has an effect of the price. There are also laptops that are designed to be used as tablets when needed.


Battery Life


Battery life is vital in a laptop. It helps you do a lot of work without interruption. Consider buying laptops with great battery life. Although, battery life also depends on how well you maintain the battery on a long run.


Which OS Do You Prefer?


There are different operating systems (OS). There is the Mac OS X that you can only get on an Apple MacBook. There is also the Windows OS. You must always check consider the pre-installed OS in a laptop before buying it.


Graphics Card


If you love to play games on your laptop, or watch high definition movies, then you need a high level graphics card. The graphics level you get depends on the level of the graphics card.


Does It Come With Warranty?


One of the most important things to consider before buying a laptop is if it comes with after sales service and warranty. There are laptop companies that have great warranty offers. You should explore that option.


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