5 Things to Avoid when Buying a Laptop

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

There are certain factors you should bear in mind when you are buying a laptop. These factors are things you need to look out for in a laptop you are buying and what you should avoid as you go about purchasing a laptop in 2020. When a PC or a laptop is not giving you the expected result, it makes your work more difficult and could be frustrating.


Here, we have not just compiled names of laptops that you should avoid because every single laptop is unique adn presents different value to a different people. It could be a little be harsh to say you should avoid that laptop. However, we have compiled some characteristics of laptops you should avoid in 2020.


Laptops that are heavy 


Laptops generally are not stationary as they are meant to be moved from place to place. You would need to carry your laptop from your home to the office, on a road trip, etc. Once the laptop is not easy to carry about, it becomes a burden to you.


If you buy a laptop that is heavy, when you need to carry your laptop along with you, you begin to think of the stress involved in carrying that much weight around. Thus, we advise that you should avoid laptops that weigh anything above 2.6 pounds.


Laptops without SSD


Laptops without the solid-state drive (SSD) will give you the headache, as the SSD enables the PC to load faster and better. With the large files that we interact with daily, without SSD, your laptop might take ages to load an application or even boot. Having an SSD in 2020 is nothing special as they became cheap. But not having one will give you a headache.


Laptops without Biometric security


With the global increase of hackers in the world today, getting a PC that still uses the conventional password is not a good idea. The moment you have a laptop that comes with a biometric or fingerprint verification system, or even a facial lock system, you are guaranteed to have your personal and business files in your laptop better secured.


Laptops with only mouse and keyboard as input


In the world today, everything is getting faster and easier with technology making that possible. Thus, it would be best if you avoided laptops with the conventional use of mouse and keyboard. Even if they give you what you want, there are other ways to do the same thing in an easier and faster way. Thus, be on the lookout for laptops with a screen that receives touch prompts as smartphones do and voice commands.


Laptops with poor battery life 


Strong battery life is essential for your daily use of the laptop. Thus, it would help if you avoided laptops that have low battery life. Any battery that cannot serve you for up to 12 hours of use is what you should avoid in 2020.


Don’t fret if you already picked up a wrong machine. You can easily sell your laptop to us and purchase your dream computer next time.