When Laptop is Beyond Repair?

Image by Dmitry Abramov from Pixabay

Sometimes, we want to know if taking our faulty laptop for repair is worth it or if it would be wiser just to sell laptop and buy a new one. Here are few things to note and then infer if your laptop is beyond the saving grace of a technician.


The laptop’s power goes down very fast


If you discover that your laptop battery drains faster than usual, you should first check if it is an adapter issue, power supply, or battery issue. If none of the above mentioned is responsible for your laptop’s power-draining faster than usual, you should consult computer technicians and also start preparing for a new laptop.


Laptop’s performance is too slow


When your computer boots up slowly or gives you signals to boot into safe mode, then your hard drive is most likely the culprit as it might have developed issues or maybe when you are in the middle of a task or when using an application, everything goes blank, and the dreaded blue screen appears, it is most likely a software issue. However, in some instances, this could spell the end for your system.


Limited Random access memory (RAM)


RAM of a computer is what allows for the running of programs. However, it can be overworked or overused when many programs are run at the same time. An ailing RAM or overworked RAM causes programs to crash midway or causes them not to start at all. One crucial step is to upgrade the RAM to prevent further damage. Nevertheless, when the blue screen of death shows up, then that is a severe issue.


Laptop crashes and refuses to Boot


This usually signifies that something is wrong with the motherboard of the laptop. If a blue screen is being projected on your screen or you discover some hardware such as the speaker,  mouse, and so on is not working, then you have a central processing unit problem at hand. Taking the laptop to a repairer would be the next piece of advice. However, if it turns out to be accurate, that the motherboard is faulty, you either get a new motherboard or start planning on getting a new laptop.


Hardware Function Failure


If you discover that certain hardware on your laptop is faulty and other parts to follow suit in developing fault and to make matters worse, the problems persist after fixing them, then you should start budgeting for a new laptop because most times the difference in the cost required to fix the laptop and the cost needed to get a new one is small. If you still have a warranty on the laptop, good for you. If not, start budgeting.

Lastly, having checked the extent of the fault or damage your system has incurred. It is up to you at the end to still weigh the cost of repairs as against getting a new laptop. Furthermore, consider the prospects of the laptop and make your decision.