Back to School Laptop Guide 2021: Do's and Don'ts

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Are you going back to school? Are you looking for an inexpensive laptop? Then this article is for you. At this time of the year, many companies will be pushing videos and advertisements of different laptops for students. When getting a computer for school, it is better to purchase a used or refurbished premium laptop.

Laptops are a vital part of our lives, especially as students. Whether you want to use it for music or watch a movie after a long day, your laptop is the core to everything. This is why it is crucial to get the right one.


The two major factors to getting a student laptop are:

  1. how much you want to spend

  2. which one is most suited for your workload

There is a lot to consider when getting a school laptop, including budget and your specifications. And knowing what to do and what not to do is crucial for getting a long-lasting laptop.


Do buy a used laptop


Buying a used laptop is usually the best way to go in. Generally, it is better to buy a high-end model of a used laptop rather than get a new laptop for the same price. Many innovations do not happen at the budget level. Buying used laptops is the only way to get actual value, especially when you want durability, good battery, and high-level performance. You can get discounted used laptops on Amazon, Best Buy, and other online stores.


Do Your Research


You need to take time to know the kind of laptop you want to buy. If you wish to use it for basic tasks such as word processing or for engineering or programming, you need huge storage space. It would be best to consider a laptop with:

  • a bigger hard drive,

  • a higher memory,

  • or a good processor.

It ultimately depends on its longevity.


Laptops like:

  • Acer Aspire 5,

  • Surface Laptop 2,

  • XPS 13/15,

  • and Lenovo X1/ Carbon

are the kinds of laptops to buy. They have excellent components, and you can quickly get replacement parts when needed. If you want to go for a MacBook, the M1 is recommended for the best battery, outstanding performance, and great resell value.


Do Consider Convertible Laptops


Many Window-8 laptops convert into a tablet, and that could come in handy if you need to use your computer on the go. Using a touchscreen hybrid makes you feel at home and efficient; compared to smartphones and tablets.


Do Buy Online


Buying anything online has gotten more accessible due to the progression of technology. There are lots of reliable stores online, such as Best Buy, Walmart or Target.  Getting your laptops from these stores is highly advisable. You can easily purchase a used or refurbished device with certainty from these reliable retailors.


Do Buy A Laptop With Good Battery Life


As a student, long battery life is essential in your laptop. There will be moments where you need to be in several classes in a day without having to juice it up. The battery life you should opt for should be at least six plus hours. And if your budget is up for it, consider a laptop with 12 hours of battery life.


Don't Forget About Diminishing Returns


The more you pay for a laptop, the more you should expect from it. Even though most used premium laptops could give you premium features for a lesser price, you will still expect a certain criteria.

  • aesthetic

  • fast speed

  • lighter weight

  • thin design

These are a few things you must consider when investing in your laptop.


Don't Buy Gaming Laptops


Gaming laptops are not ideal for students as you may have to deal with the weight and short battery life. On top of all that, it could be a distraction because of its high functionality. The best choice in this regard is a regular or work-based laptop.


Don't Trust the Hype


Several tech blogs and reviews, tech enthusiasts, or people who have pseudo-intellect, seem to know all about laptops. However, you can only take what you hear or read with a grain of salt. Most of these outlets are just paid to write and will write with biases. It would be best to follow your intuition in cases like this after careful consideration instead of believing the hype.


Don't Worry


Do not stress yourself too much about getting a new laptop. All you need to do is have good research and buy one within your price range. Also, make findings on return policies of places you buy your laptop. Just in case you regret your decision and need a refund. Keep in mind that there is no perfect laptop, but as long as you find one that suits your workload and budget, you are good to go.


So remember:

  • DO

    • Buy used to save you money

    • Research for your needs

    • Look at features that are useful to you

    • Buy from reputable sellers and retailors

    • Look for substantial battery life

  • DON'T

    • Settle for less than what you want

    • Buy a gaming laptop for work

    • Always trust the hype

    • Worry. You can figure this out


If you're looking to buy from a reputable online store, consider Our staff is highly knowledgeable about filling your needs to find the right laptop for you. We have been in business for quite awhile now, and are more than capable in lending our knowledge onto you. Happy shopping.


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