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How long does a high-end laptop last? This was the question that you typed in your browser, really? … huh huh? Go on… you don’t just expect me to guess under what conditions you mean when you ask how long your high-end pc would last. Are you trying to say how long it would last in a contest or under a certain workload, or under a certain form of use? Are you talking about the general durability of the laptop or do you just mean its battery

In the end, I kinda figured that as a gamer that decided to buy a top of the line laptop for his gaming adventures or perhaps, I am wrong and you are a graphics artist or video editor. What this question really means is that, how long can I use this my awesome high-end laptop for before it is no longer relevant, performance-wise in the gaming or rendering world. I hope I am right with this one. And this will give you an idea when to sell laptop that you currently own and buy a new one.

I would love to focus on the gamers in this article, as I think it is for them that this question is the most relevant anyway.


What is a high-end (gaming) laptop?


So, for a laptop to be considered as high-end in the gaming world, it needs to be able to deliver the best performance at high frame rates, known as fps (frame rate per second), this is different from the fps that means first person shooter.

Frame rate per second (fps) that is regarded as acceptable in the world of high-end gamers is 60 fps. 60 fps is the magic number that you want to hit with your sweet new gaming laptop. At 60 fps, you can be sure that your gaming will be lag-free which is super important if you are a competitive gamer. If your framerate ever falls below 30 fps in any game, or maybe in a newer release, your laptop is now just an entry level laptop.

I am guessing for you to have bought a high-end gaming laptop, you know all about having a processor with high clock speeds, and at least 4 physical cores. A graphics card that can handle anything that is thrown at it and an abundance of fast RAM and SSD storage to prevent your laptop from having a bottleneck performance.


So how long does a high-end gaming laptop last?


I would say before now, it probably would have done a five-year run just fine without needing to upgrade more than just your RAM, but now the current number is 3 years before you begin to notice that some new title no longer hit 60 fps on your precious high-end laptop. Now don’t get me wrong, your laptop might still be a gaming beast for up to five years but it might not be considered as high-end anymore after the third year. By the third year, you might have to upgrade your laptop to one with a faster CPU and GPU. The GPU is usually the biggest factor for upgrading as game developers and game gadget engineers are always pushing the gaming technology to the limit in terms of the amount of graphics they can deliver on your screen at once.

I hope this was helpful to you, and if not, then read it again from the bottom to the top. It just might make more sense that way. Go on, try it!