New iPhone 13 Line-up Preview: Let’s Take a Peek

There are four different devices and colors on the new iPhone line-up:

  • the standard iPhone 13
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • the iPhone Mini.

They all have a nice aluminum finish, and it gives it a sleek look. The new 120Hz display is nice, and the performance is excellent. The battery life of the iPhone 13 has been impressive, especially on the bigger iPhone 13s.


The 13 Mini keeps the same design as last year. Although it has added a few extra grams, the phone looks, feels, and operates almost the same way, so it feels a little dense to hold. It said a quarter millimeter of extra thickness.

With the slight upgrades, does this series of iPhones feel worth it? Here is our look into the new iPhone 13 series.



Design and Size


Compared to the iPhone 12 lineup, the new iPhone 13 is heavier and thicker. Apple even included a notched display on each of them to have a selfie camera on. However, it was confirmed during the iPhone 13 event that the iPhone 12’s notch is 20 percent bigger than on the iPhone 13.

The screen sizes range from 5.4-inch to 6.7-inch. The Mini is 5.4-inch, the standard 13 and Pro are 6.1-inches, and the Pro Max is 6.7-inches.

As expected on the iPhone 13 Mini, the camera has significantly changed. It now has a diagonally situated camera lenses, unlike the previous iPhone Mini.






The displays of the iPhone 13 are all similar. However, only the iPhone 13 Pro Models come with the 120hz display. Hertz on a screen determines how smooth or fast your screen experience is when you scroll through web pages or apps. This upgrade in display makes the Pro Models earn their higher price point.

The new iPhone 13 Pro Max has a new SuperRetina XDR display with ProMotion that offers an incredible display experience: letting you game with ease and scroll smoothly.

Apple devices are expensive to repair, but you can sell broken iPhone to us and buy another one, if it becomes defective.





There is no longer a 64GB option for this new line-up, which means better storage options. The iPhone 13 Mini and iPhone 13 now come in storage options of

  • 128GB
  • 256GB
  • 512GB

While the Pro Models come with a 1 TB storage option—which is the first of its kind.






The standard iPhone 13 and Mini have a new diagonal camera layout. This was not changed to differentiate the models. Rather, it was altered to rearrange the camera lenses to fit the sensor. Which means sharper low-light photos when combined with the sensor-shift feature, before only available on the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

There is also a new video recording feature called Cinematic Mode, which automatically creates depth effects and focus transitions similar to actual movies. The HDR 4 feature now recognizes more than three people in a photo and enhances lighting, contrasts, and skin tones for each one.






The 13 Mini has 1.5 hours more battery life than the 12 Mini, and the iPhone 13 has 2.5 hours more than the iPhone 12. This improved battery life is due to iOS 15, the new A15 Bionic chip, and a bigger battery.

Apple claims the 13 Mini and standard 13 can run for up to 19 hours of use. The Pro is said to run for up to 22 hours while the 13 Pro Max runs for 28 hours. The Pro Max has the most improved battery in all of the iPhones.

We expected a battery boost in the new iPhone 13 – both in size and capacity. You get to work, play, create and watch on your phone for hours without needing a charge. You can multi-task for hours with all-day battery life.




Final Verdict


While the iPhone 13 does not have a significant upgrade compared to the iPhone 12, there are many improvements. Overall, the design stayed the same, but the new camera features and improved battery life have us look forward to these devices.


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