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Why selling your Apple iPad tablet to us is the smartest choice

One of the most frustrating things about being an Apple owner is their constant need for upgrades and their drive to always be ahead of the technology markets. Yes, we all love to have the newest, biggest, baddest device on the block, but Apple certainly can make it rough on the pocketbook. It seems like about the time you finally get the newest iPad, the market yields yet another one. Luckily we have the means for you to sell back your used iPads no matter what generation that they may be.

Here are a few quick reasons why you may want to choose to upgrade to the newer model and generation of iPad:
  • Your apps no longer work like they used to

  • You may find that they are constantly crashing or freezing

  • Your older software stops working

  • Some of your newer features in apps aren’t supported or are missing entirely

  • Due to the extra demands on hardware you have app instability

  • You may have noticed that iOS7 and iOS8 are not designed to work on your original iPad

  • Updated June 13, 2016: According to Apple's official press release, the iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad mini, and fifth-generation iPod Touch will not run iOS 10

New Accessories are Incompatible
  • Your battery cord is old and frayed and the Apple store does not carry the older models and you have to rely on 3rd party equipment that may or may not consistently work

  • Cases for protection are often not in stock for older devices and don’t fit

  • Docking stations for sound systems, and external equipment, often times do not match up

Battery Problems
  • First generation iPads have a Li-Po battery that after many recharge cycles no longer hold an adequate charge

  • Too many charge cycles degrade the charging capability and sustainability

  • Your battery may have been exposed to extreme heat and/or cold, and thus degraded your battery’s life

  • If your battery lasts less than 5 hours, it’s probably time to consider an upgrade

Non-functioning Pixels and/or Bad Display
  • Dead pixels often are not responsive to touch

  • Your display stops displaying correctly

  • Or you have a cracked or damaged screen

Broken Hardware
  • Home button is slow to respond or very often completely unresponsive

  • Sleep button is unresponsive

Things you should know and do before you sell your iPad to us:
  • Disable your passcode.

  • Deactivate your iPad in your iCloud account (see this page for additional information).

  • Go to General Settings and "erase all content and settings" to restore your iPad to factory settings.

  • Also in the General Settings -> "About" section you can check what exact model your iPad is and which service carrier it's assigned to.

  • Make sure your iPad is not active on your service plan. This is usually the case before your contract expires. If you aren't sure, please call your service provider.

  • Inspect your iPad for any visible physical damage. In order to do that, take any protective case off.

Why sell your iPads to us?
  • One advantage of selling your iPad to us is that you don't need to worry about your private data getting into the wrong hands. We will erase your data and restore the iPad to factory settings for free as a part of our service. Please make sure to disable your iCloud account on the tablet. Otherwise we will ask you for your password to deactivate it for you.

  • You will also see how fair we are about your iPad's condition after we receive it. We test the hardware and if it performs as expected you will be paid the quoted amount the same day.

  • You don't need to search for long to determine what your iPad is worth. Our offers are updated as much as needed to reflect the highest actual value of all iPad models at the present time.

  • On a final note, scammers are pretty easy to detect. Offers that seem too good to be true are most certainly not good ones.

  • It is our ultimate goal to make you feel happy about selling your iPad to us. And to use us in the future as your only electronics recycler.

Sell your iPad to us today and give us a chance to show just how great our service really is. We make it easy, fast, and profitable to sell iPad tablets online. Like our service? Spread the word!

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