When is the Best Time to Buy a Laptop in 2020?

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There is always the urge to buy a new laptop when the current one gets faulty. However, there are strategic times to get the best laptop deals and save yourself a lot of money. The desperation to get a new laptop or lack of market knowledge can make you pay extra than you should. In this piece, I am going to give you the best times you can get a new laptop in 2020.

Firstly, if you are working with a budget, you have no excuse not to pay attention to this piece. You want value for your money, and want to get the best deal possible when you purchase a laptop. It is always worth the wait, no matter how much you think you need the laptop at that time.


You have to pay attention to strategic times in the year when new models are released, or stores offer slash prices on deals. When a manufacturer releases a new model, the previous models see a price drop.

Although, your current circumstance might determine how far you can wait. But, there is always a time close by to get a great deal for yourself.


Now, when is the best time to buy a laptop?


If your present laptop is not faulty, you should relax on purchasing the newest laptop in time every time. This will save you a good amount of money and you will still get to enjoy the features of the new laptop.


When there is a new model in town


If you are on a budget, what you want to avoid is paying a premium each time a new model is out. You might regret this as this same laptop might cost lesser in a few weeks. This is because a newer model might be out and the buzz will move to that pretty quickly, likewise a price drop. If you wait, you would have saved yourself hundreds of dollars at least.


These deals happen when laptop companies hold their live product event. For Apple, you could get these deals around September. This period, you see good deals on MacBooks. Microsoft also has theirs around October, and you see new models, which means the old models become cheaper. You will also find this type of event for Google around mid-October.

You should have information on the period your favorite laptop brand will host their live product event. You can always check their website and social media handles to get info on this.


Cyber Monday/ Black Friday


Black Friday is a great time to shop for any type of product you desire. It is a day where you get a great discount and the same goes for Cyber Monday, which is only three days away. You should target these days if you want to get the best laptop deals.

However, there is a better day for laptop deals between both. Black Friday is a capitalist Christmas event where you shop, and it started in the United States. Cyber Monday event only started 15 years ago on the official calendar, but it has been in existence for centuries.


However, Cyber Monday has proven to be better for laptop purchases over the years. Research has shown that people save more on Cyber Monday compared to Black Friday. If you want a TV perhaps, you could stick with Black Friday, as research has shown them to be cheapest on that day. But for laptop deals, it is better to wait until Cyber Monday.


Back-to-School (June to September)


Many people feel like this event can only be exploited by students, but that is not the case. Consumer research reports have shown that this period is as good as the November to December period in the best times to purchase a laptop.

The back to school rush because a slash in laptop prices and you should take advantage of it.


Now that you know the best times to purchase a laptop, there are some factors you should consider before you purchase.


Some of these factors include screen size, battery life, and price. Price is important as you need to get the best value for your money.

You need to research the market and compare prices before you trade a laptop. Prices differ per store and there are discount events that happen at different stores.


Lastly, you should never forget to test any laptop you buy. The excitement of getting a slashed price might be high, but don’t get carried away. You want to make sure everything is working fine.