5 Best Places to Sell iMac Fast

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Why should you know places you can sell your iMac fast and safely? There are different reasons why the need may arise.

No matter the sentimental attachment you have to your computer, there will be a time you have to say goodbye to it. This could happen for different reasons – ranging from wanting a new model or poor performance from your current one.

What you need from your iMac varies per time and task. You might go from needing a workhorse to needing a creator’s Mac. It is important to know when your Mac has stopped serving the purpose and needs to be sold.

Places you can sell your iMac
Apple Gift Card store

If you are selling your iMac in the United States of America, you can tap into Apple’s “Renew and Recycling Program”.

Under this program, Apple takes used iMacs to reuse and recycle. Depending on the value of your iMac, you will get an Apple Gift Card.

PowerON is the name of the company that coordinates this. You can log on to their website to check the value of the gift card you will get for your iMac.

To friends and relatives

One of the fastest ways to trade-in iMac is by selling to people around you. You should put the word out about selling it. There are several ways to do this, which could be physically or via social media.

The advantage of this is that you are less likely to be cheated. However, you must also get ready to provide support after sales, as this is one of the perks of being family. They could need your help in setting it up or other ways.

You also have to be completely honest about the state of your iMac.

Trade with a local reseller

You can check in on the local Mac reseller in your area, as they usually have people come to them for used Macs. Although you might have to wait for a while, as they sell on consignment at times – they will serve as the middle man and take their cut.

They also like iMacs that look clean and in a good state, as that will be easy to resell. Having AppleCare is a big bonus for you, and it increases your bargain power.

Used Mac websites

There are several platforms built to buy used iMacs. Websites like CashForYourMac.com and Gazelle and many others offer this type of service. They buy from you and sell it to retailers that deal in used Macs.

They are pretty safe and easy to use, but most don't offer good prices for the items they buy.

Sell on eBay

A lot of people on eBay will buy your iMac. And you will get a competitive offer. It is a safe place only if you do it right. There are safer places online that will buy electronics directly form you.

You should also note that eBay takes 10 percent from the fee you sell at. There are different options on the website that help you fast track your sale.

You also need to take note of the policies that protect buyers on the site. These policies will help the buyer to get back their money in case of issues with the iMac that was not initially stated.

But, before you visit places to sell your iMac. You should do the following to prepare it for sale.
Clean it physically

You need to adequately prepare your iMac for sale by cleaning it well. One of the factors that will determine how your iMac is valued is the cleanliness. You have to ensure it is in a sellable state and sparkling clean.

You have to clean the case, the screen, the trackpad, and the keyboard. Use can do this with a cleanser (alcohol-free) and microfiber cloth.

Back up your data

It is important to back up your data before selling your computer. If you plan to purchase a new iMac, you can back up by cloning your hard drive or using Time Machine.

Sign out from relevant apps

One big mistake you can make is a failure to sign out your Apple ID. This could give you a lot of headaches going forward. Sign out of your Apple Music and iMessage.

Restore Factory Settings

You have to restore your iMac to factory settings before selling it. You don’t want to leave anything to chance. Depending on your iMac version, you could have one with a boot disk or running Lion and above.


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