2020 Dell Inspiron 11 2-in-1

Dell Inspiron 15-5000 5570

Laptops have enhanced our daily activities, especially our documenting activities. In the past years, files were stored in envelopes and shelves. Now, our files can be kept secured in computers and on servers.

The present world is digital; almost everything is done through the internet. It makes it easy to send, receive, and store files online. Files can be stored in a computer’s memory space and can also be transferred to a cloud for maximum security.

There are varieties of laptops with exceptional features and designs. This gives us a collection of choice of laptops with regards to our purpose of use. Every office involved in writing, editing, and publishing makes  laptops their primal working tool.

Laptops like MacBook, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, etc. all have the same mode but there is much difference between them. People choose laptop brands for the experience they offer. It could be a gaming experience, a storage experience or a sound and graphics experience. Let’ take a look at the Dell Inspiron 11 2-in-1.

  • The Inspiron 11 battery is one to rely on, but it has a good system battery saver which helps to extend its usage.

  • Great touchscreen.

  • It is can be used as a laptop or a tablet.

  • Thin and compact, feels great to hold.

  • The Inspiron 11 has a standard audio quality. The loudspeakers can produce quality sound in a small meeting hall.

  • The standard processor of the laptop restricts it from accessing large data files with ease. It can slow down when under heavy workloads and this can cause the storage system to compromise.

  • No internal core or CPU for those who would want higher performance.

  • It has a keyboard reflex and the screen sometimes has issues.

  • The system is easily heated which is a poor laptop quality as it can slow down a data operation process. The external drive attached to the system cannot be more than a 4GB data space.


The Dell Inspiron 11 2.1 is an aesthetic, easy-to-use, sleek and strong laptop. It gives its user an affordable way of experiencing how a touch screen windows 10 system operates.

The laptop can be switched seamlessly from tablet to laptop, thereby checking whether the keyboard is plugged to it and this makes the transition easy between the two meetings.

The system has a standard processor that is equipped with a good battery saver. This new feature enables the user to use the laptop extensively. The laptop is on a good range of prices which makes it very affordable.

Final Verdict

The Dell Inspiron 11 2-in-1 is affordable and makes good laptop trade in value. It makes provision for decent system performance, good audio system, and useful color options. The laptop has poor heat management and it is advisable to use it on a desk.

The Inspiron 11 webcam is of poor picture quality. It is not advisable to stay far from the electric power supply as the laptop’s battery life is not extensive.


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