Microsoft Surface Book 3: The Best Performing Laptop Right Now

Microsoft Surface Laptop Front

Microsoft Surface Book 3 is a unique 2 in 1 computer. It is currently the most valuable top performing and selling laptop in the US.

It is a fantastic machine for the do it in all niches that it serves; Performing the functions of a laptop and a tablet at the same time. Evident changes were made to the device, which makes is better than the 2017 model. It comes with a new Intel 10th Generation processor, a new graphics option, and a better detachable screen.  Without much ado, let’s dive into the details of the high performing laptop.

  • Detachable Screen

  • Reliable IR Camera

  • Excellent Keyboard

  • Long battery life

  • Expensive

  • Fewer ports

  • Thick and Heavy


Microsoft did not make any changes to the design of the Surface Book 3, it looks exactly just like the 2017 model. The chassis is made of a matte-grey magnesium coating, which has a subtle texture. It feels like a paper when you slide your finger through it. Microsoft opted for a simple design with a notch on the front edge of the laptop, which helps you lift the lid.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Left Angle With Box

On the downside the computer comes with fewer ports. On the left side, it has one USB-C port, which is not even a thunderbolt input and a headphone jack. Moving to the right-hand side are two USB 3.1 ports with an SD card slot. If you use many devices and want to connect them to the laptop, you will need to get an adaptor.

It has a stellar screen, 13.5 and 15 inches 1080 pixel screen with an aspect ratio of 3:2. It is very good for web browsing, writing reports and watching movies. If you're looking for a laptop for graphic design you better looks elsewhere.


The webcam supports Windows Hellos, meaning it is possible to unlock your device with face recognition. It has a user-facing and a rear camera; this is possible because of the detachable screen. You can use the rear camera when on tablet mode.

The dual speakers on the Microsoft Surface Book 3 are cool. Unlike most systems with awful speakers, the speakers in this device are functional. The dual speaker that is located on each side of the screen produces a balanced and crisp sound.

Finally, on the design of the laptop, the keyboard looks smaller than in previous Surface Book. Still, surprisingly, it is comfortable to type on. The keyboard keys are snappy, and the travel is smooth. It feels good when typing with it. It is something people who do a lot of typing will enjoy.

The trackpad is responsive, windows precision driver is enabled on the device, the trackpad click is also less noisy.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Left Side  

The display of the laptop is very sharp and crisp. It comes with a resolution of 3240 x 2160, which means you will get a very clear image. The 3:2 aspect ratio of the laptop is very pleasing. If you are a content creator, you will enjoy working with the laptop.

The pictures and videos are more prominent and thicker but very clear with an integrated branding element. The brightness of the Microsoft Surface 3 is quite impressive, reaching a remarkable 402nits. This makes it more luminous than most of the recent laptops in the market.

It comes with a 13.5 inch and 15 inch screen options. The screen can play 4K videos smoothly without any drop rates, which is excellent. It’s not the best screen out there, but for its price range, it functional enough.


The Microsoft Surface Book 3 comes with 10th Generation Intel processors. The Core i7-1065G processor can handle your daily activities such as web surfing, word processing, and graphics designing.

The performance is way better than the 2017 model. Although it is not a high-end gaming laptop, it can handle most of the recent video games. It has a RAM of 32GB and an SSD capacity of 512GB PCL.

The device has an excellent battery life, lasting for about 11 hours 10 minutes when in laptop mode. It only lasted for about 3 hours, 27 minutes as a tablet.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Retail Box  
Final verdict

Microsoft Surface Book 3 is an amazing laptop. It's truly the best 2 in 1 model on the market right now. From the design to its performance, everything about it is premium. Those wanting resell an old computer and upgrade to a high performing machine, this is it. If you can spend the money you won't be disappointed.

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