Five Mindblowing Next Generation Video Games 2020

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The world is a game itself, and we are the players. To play a game, one must be cautious of every step they take, so in the end, you get the prize. Video game is an activity one engages in free time to have fun. Sometimes, it helps to boosts one’s intellect, but it is mostly for amusement. 

Games are played all over the world now. We go to the stadium to watch a sports game. We have virtual games, mobile games, video games, and computer games. However, five games of interest will still be available to the next generation and will even evolve in 2020. You might actually decide to sell your laptop in favor of buying a video game console and immersing yourself in virtual world. 

  Five next-generation game trends of 2020  

PES 2020: Here is a game that people love so much and will continue to be in existence. It is the PES 2020. The game made people love Konami Studios more, and the graphics make it worthwhile. It is a football game that got both football lovers and non-football lovers glued to it. It is a game to watch out for as it will continue to evolve, as it is anchors on the love for the football game.


Pokemon Go: This game was not so popular when it was released around 2016. However, soon after the release of the movie called Pokemon Detective, which grossed up to a billion dollars from sales, the interest in the game surged. Pokemon Go is an exciting and easy game to experience. It has different levels, which gets harder but fun. New characters were put in the game recently, and the fans love it.


Call of duty: Here is another epic game in which game lovers play a lot. It is worth the fun and time. The game centers on a hero killing bad guys around. The game is eighty-one percent loved around the world, and it deals with a CIA agent. However, each story has its meaning. The gunfight, and the injuries, treatment seem so real, and it can be played in the single or multiplayer mood.


Super Mario: Super Mario is a fantastic game. It is funny and fun to play. The game is all about saving someone from harm, and it teaches us real-life lessons also. The game has sold about three hundred and thirty million dollars, making it the second-highest video game in history to be sold surpassing Pokeman Go. The game has made a mark in the past, and generations have been playing it. New enemies, themes, and fun stuff were added to the new one created, which makes it fresh for everyone.


Devil may cry: The game is unique because of the fights and adventures involved. The game includes several clashes. A new character was involved recently and is still selling worldwide.

Other games have good roles, but these five are the ones that are going to be here till the next generation. Intellectual games can also be found online and can be seen in all the games I mentioned.


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