11 Tips to Protect Your Laptop

First you want to protect your laptop from damage


Buying a laptop is one thing; maintaining the laptop is entirely another ball game; furthermore, nobody wants to be walking around with a laptop that has scratches. Therefore, preventing scratches on your laptop is a conscious action, and below are some steps to take to prevent scratches on your laptop's exterior.

1. Cover your laptop with protective case or skin

You can use colorful laptop skins or stickers to protect your laptop exterior. This would also serve as some form of design for your laptop. Furthermore, you can also customize the laptop skins according to your taste.

2. Don't toss your laptop

You should be cautious to prevent your laptop from falling. Apart from causing scratches on the exterior of your laptop, this can also affect the hardware of the laptop, thereby causing more damage. Therefore, it is essential to hold your laptop properly or when placing it on a high platform take, for example, a table, make sure it is not close to the edge of the table.

3. Avoid placing objects on top of your laptop

Placing objects on top of your laptop can cause scratches on the exterior of your laptop and also cause further damage to your laptop's screen. Also, you should avoid eating close to the laptop.

4. Ensure you carry your laptop in a laptop bag

Using random bags with rough interiors can cause scratches on your laptop's exterior. That is why it is essential to use a designated laptop bag to carry the laptop. Additionally, store your laptop in the area explicitly designed for electronic devices in the bag. Avoid placing charges, USB cords, and accessories in the same compartment as they too can scratch the laptop's exterior.

5. Protect your screen with screen guard

Use screen guard to protect the laptop's screen from the impact of fall, or being hit with an object. The screen guard also protects the screen from dust and other dirt.

6. Clean your laptop regularly

Cleaning your laptop regularly can help reduce the chances of the laptop exterior getting scratched as you get to remove dirt that tends to get stuck and cause scratches upon removal. It is essential to know how to clean your laptop and not just go about it anyhow. Also, you can get a cover for the keyboard to avoid dirt accumulating there. This can damage the keys, further causing scratches in some parts close to the keyboard.

All the above tips will help you extend the lifespan of your laptop.


Another important aspect is to protect your laptop against theft.


Theft is a common occurrence nowadays. Unfortunately laptops are one of the goods that get stolen more often. They are expensive and small, meaning easy to steal and hide. We take them with us to many places and sometimes leave them unattended. That it usually enough for one to disappear.

In order to prevent theft and also the loss of data after a theft, this article provides some necessary measures on how to keep your laptop protected as well as your documents. Below are such measures.

7. Use a cable lock

Locks have been in use for quite a while for different purposes, such as laptop protection. Although thieves can bypass this measure, it makes their job more difficult and buys you and your laptop time. There is a spot on most laptops where you can attach a Kensington security cable and lock.

8. Set a password

A laptop without a password can be likened to a house without a door, which also signifies a direct invite to potential thieves. Ensure you set a strong password on your laptop. This password should be requested whenever your laptop starts up or when it is waking up from sleep mode or hibernation. Furthermore, set up a screensaver and add a password to it, therefore, requiring a password login after a few minutes of inactivity.

9. Register your laptop and always be on guard

This is one of the most primary security measures anyone can take for any property. Be on alert. Write down and register your laptop’s brand name, model, and serial number at the appropriate quarters. Do not place your laptop carelessly in public. Even in your car, ensure it is adequately covered or hidden. Try to avoid exposing your laptop in public as criminals can take notice. You can install an alarm system that gets triggered when you are separated from your laptop. Being on alert can never be overemphasized; therefore, you should not be oblivious to your environment.

10. Apply markers on your laptop

Marking your laptop sets it apart from other laptops, and there are different ways to go about it. You can use stickers to label your laptop, or you can use an Ultraviolet (UV) marker to mark it permanently and guess what? It is not visible in normal light.

11. Backup and encrypt your data

Backing up your data is another important measure that comes in handy when your laptop has already been stolen. As secure and well-meaning the other measures you put in place against theft are, it does not deter a determined thief. Therefore, if your laptop gets stolen, what next? Backing up your data helps you to access important files and other documents while your laptop is absent.

Data encryption, on the other hand, is you ensuring that in the event of theft, criminals do not get access to your files. Therefore, it is vital to encrypt your laptop and also your hard drive. Also, ensure you do not forget the password you used in encrypting your files or else you stand the chance of losing access to your files.

To round it all up, if your laptop does get stolen, you can track it, insure it against theft, and report to the nearest police station. Protecting your laptop can never be overemphasized as it saves you from a lot of headaches and unnecessary costs.


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