How Can I Post On Instagram Using My Laptop?

Instagram is a social media application where you may choose to upload photos and share videos on your page. It is primarily made for a mobile device. However, in situations where one stumbles on pictures from an old hard disk or photos you captured using a digital camera, it causes a lot of stress having to send your photos or videos to your mobile device. 

Rather than sell laptop in favor of a smartphone, in this article, we are going to share a few easy tricks on how you can post on Instagram using your laptop. While Instagram remains a mobile app primarily, these tips will ensure that PC lovers can also experience the luxury of using Instagram on their computers.

  Using User-Agent spoofing  

The user agent is that part of a browser that identifies what kind of device you are using to access a website. With this tool, you can log in to the Instagram website and achieve whatever you want without using your mobile device. The tool makes the website believe you are accessing the site with a mobile device. Now let us look at how to access user-agent spoofing in three web browsers.


ChromeAfter you open your chrome browser, click on the "view tab," then scroll down to "develop." After clicking on it, select "developer tools" and click on the option with a mobile device logo on it. Reload your page with the developer options still on, and you are good to go!


Safari: Start your safari browser and click on "Preferences" in the menu tab, then click on "advanced" and scroll to the "develop tab." Change your user agent to Apple's IOS and watch your Instagram on your computer like you are using an iPhone.


Firefox: Launch your Firefox browser and click on "tools in the menu bar and select "web developer." Change it to "Responsive Design Mode" or press shift + control + M. 

  Accessing Instagram through Bluestacks  

Bluestacks is an android emulator that allows your computer to install android apps and operate it with the same capabilities as if you were using a mobile device. Download your Bluestacks from any trusted website and after installation, register, or log in with your Google account. Click on All Apps and search for "Instagram" and after it displays on your Google Playstore, install it, and you can now use Instagram on your computer same as if you were using a mobile phone.

  Newly Available Instagram App on Windows 10  

You can now download your Instagram app specifically for windows 10 on the Microsoft store, which allows you to view, like, and share posts on computers with a touch-screen. You can also share photos and videos from your system. Non-touch screen users can likewise use a scheduling app like Hopper Hq to upload pictures and videos.

  Use of Third-party Applications  

You can also use Instagram on your computer by downloading Third-party applications such as windowed, flume, schedugram, deskgram, and uplet.


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