Best iPhone 11 Screen Protector

Photo by David Švihovec on Unsplash

 The iPhone 11 is a lovely phone to own, not only in terms of functionality but also in looks. The iPhone 11 is sleek and stunning, and it comes in different lovely colours. With this sort of beauty, one might be reluctant to hide it all in a protective case regardless of the safety it offers. Yeah, there are several stylish protective cases available, but they never look as good as the iPhone 11 when naked in all its glory. Don't fret if you break it. You can sell your iPhone to us, even a broken one. But for you it's best to keep it safe.

Having this in mind, most people prefer to opt for screen protectors that enhance durability of your phone. Screen protectors do not tamper with the look of the phone, while it also offers protection for the screen, which is the most fragile part of a phone. Even with a protective case at the back, screen protectors seem like an essential feature these days as they not only protect the screen (which is quite expensive to replace), they also offer some privacy with the coatings that repel prying eyes.

Another great thing about screen protectors is that they are now designed specifically for brands, and this means you will always find a perfect fit available for your phone screen. Here are some of the options to purchase if you need a perfect protector fit for your iPhone 11 screen.




This screen protector comes in an ultra-thin design; it has a hydrophobic coating, and anti-fingerprint coating and a 9H hardness rating. It is also compatible with Haptic Touch, and it comes in a three-pack.  Purity comes with an installation frame, which makes it easier and quicker to install on your iPhone 11.




Tethys is a tempered glass screen protector that provides adequate protection for your iPhone 11 screen from one edge to the other. It is a transparent screen with a 9H hardness rating, and it gives maximum coverage with front sensor protection. It comes in a three-pack with a user guide, guidance frame, and dust removal/guide stickers as well as wet/dry wipes.




According to the product manufacturers, the Ailun has 99.9% super transparency. It’s also case friendly and shatterproof, which are very good features that are useful for your iPhone 11 screen. It comes in a three-pack with a 9H hardness rating for, and it also possesses an anti-fingerprint coating and a perfect adhesion. You don’t have to worry about stressing over installation as it is so easy to install.




The Unbreakcable screen protector is a tempered glass protector, and it helps protect your iPhone 11 screen against scuffs and scratches that can occur when you keep your phone in the pocket. It is easy to install, and it features the 9H pencil test. The 2.5D curved edge design means it only covers the active areas of your iPhone’s screen thereby making it easy to use almost all types of phone cases if you want to.




The smartish Tuff Sheet screen protector for iPhone 11 is thin but doesn’t slack in toughness. It is easy to install and scratch-resistant. The manufacturers say it is thermally treated to be stronger for daily use. This tempered glass is ultra-thin and 99% transparent.

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