Why Should You Have a Laptop

Image by free stock photos from www.picjumbo.com from Pixabay

We are in the jet age, the 21st century, so having a laptop is no longer a want but a need. With so much advancement in technology laptops are no longer as big, heavy and expensive as they used to be. In the late ’90s and the early ’20s, laptops were costly and ideal for only business travelers but a lot has changed since then. Now, laptops are, in many ways, the perfect computing solution. They now come with different features making them ideal for everyone everywhere.

Laptops are still quite expensive, but if used for the right reasons, they pay themselves off in no time. Having a laptop isn’t just a means to enjoy or relax, but it is also an investment.

Here are a few reasons why you need to have a laptop


One main feature of a laptop is its portability. Since you can move around freely with them around the office, and it makes all that you need available to you at your command. Laptops can also help you manage your time properly if you have work that needs to be done. You can take your laptop to work and on your way use it on the bus, which frees up time for you. Laptops also come with battery cells that make it possible to use them without being directly connected to electricity. This is very beneficial especially when you travel off the grid, or you want to use your computer where there is no socket outlet. Desktops can’t function without electricity, so it is very inconvenient to use them outside the house or office.


Desktops can do almost everything a laptop can do, but it takes up much more space. With a desktop, you will need a CPU, a mouse, desk, and chair just to use it, but with a laptop, you already have all of it packed into a body 4 times smaller than what a desktop will use.


Besides that, you can take your laptop anywhere you want. You can also pack it in your bags and briefcases without it becoming bulky. You can move your laptop from one room to another without stress, an option that is not available to desktop users. Because of its portability, laptops aren’t stationary, you can use them and move them anytime.

Energy saver:

Laptops use far less power than typical desktops. If you want to reduce your electric bill or you are an environmentalist, a laptop is a perfect computer to use.


Laptop displays tend to be of the highest quality. It is very common to find the LCD screen on a laptop to be better than the LCD screen on a monitor. Laptops will have crisper pictures and truer colors.


It is easier to maintain a laptop than a desktop. Accessing the internal parts of a laptop is easier so when replacing parts there is no struggle unlike the case of a desktop. There are several parts of a desktop, and the CPU alone is already bigger than an entire laptop. Accessing parts in such a big space can be difficult.

When cleaning also, it is easier to clean laptops than CPUs because of the size and the numerous parts of a desktop makes cleaning it stressful and challenging.