XPG Xenia 15 gaming laptop: The Best Razer Blade Alternative

Image credit: unsplash

The XPG Xenia 15 was created in excellent collaboration with Intel. XPG is a gaming brand from Data, which makes a lot of SSDs you might have used. This laptop’s overall feel, look, and function is top tier compared to more expensive options on the market. Overall design is very clean, using magnesium alloy, so there is more lid flex than a laptop like the Razer Blade 15.

But how does this machine stand up to the industry standard’s from Razer Blade laptops and the like? Let’s take a look at the XPG Xenia in case if you want to sell your old laptop and buy one.





What Makes it Work


The design of this laptop is premium weighing in around 4 pounds, making it easy to carry. There was a slight screen wobble when opening, but it is not as crazy as the HP OMEN 15. Its all-black deck makes it look stealthy.

There are lots of ports of the XPG 15.


On the left:

  • a USB port
  • a headphone jack


On the right:

  • two more USB ports
  • an SD card slot


On the back:

  • an rj45 port
  • a power connector
  • HDMI
  • Thunderbolt 4 port
What it’s Lacking


My reservations about the design of this laptop are its ability to get dirty despite its color. It picks up fingerprint smudges easily.





What Makes it Work


The 2560×1440 QHD display is at 165Hz. The matte display does not let you get the crazy reflection you would get on a glass panel. The color saturation is fantastic, and you can seamlessly do design work on it.

It scored 100 percent in sRGB, 100 percent in Adobe RGB, and 75 percent in PCI3.

What it’s Lacking


It is a great display, yet it gets only up to 344 nits of brightness, so do not expect too much. Overall, the screen is solid, but I expected to see more dark colors and contrast. Usually, black bleeds more than pops, so it will be hard to notice clear outlines.

Overall: Not enough spectrum



Keyboard and Touchpad


What Makes it Work


This keyboard is mechanical without making too much noise. Yet, the noise is still more noticeable than a standard keyboard. The optical-mechanical switches feel great to game on. The response and travel distance feel exceptionally premium.

There is RGB below it, and the unique thing about this is that it is controlled by Intel software.  But there is a dedicated button that lets you switch between performance modes.

The touchpad is not a massive one, but it feels great to use and is super accurate. There is a white dot on the touchpad that, if you type twice, automatically disables and enables the touchpad. This is useful if you do not want the touchpad to interfere during your gaming experience.


What it’s Lacking


It does not include a numpad, so that may be disappointing for users that want to use spreadsheets and so on.






What Makes it Work


The performance of this laptop is pretty impressive. What you will get in this laptop is a Core i7 1100h with an RTX 3070. While not fastest RTX 3070, you will get better performance than a 3060 from a Razer Blade. This is because the GPU in the XPG 15 can be boosted higher. Whether you want to use it for content creation or programming, the performance results are outstanding.




Battery life


What Makes it Work


This laptop has the kind of battery life one would expect in a gaming laptop. The 93-watt hour battery got about 5 hours of use before needing to charge during general usage. During web browsing tests, video streaming at 150 nits was about to come to about 7 hours of usage. If you are planning on using this laptop for the whole day, it would be best to have your power brick with you at all times. And since it weighs about 1.2 pounds and at 7×3.3×1.3 inches, it should be light and pretty easy to carry around.

Overall: Standard to the rest



Final Verdict


The best part of the laptop is its upgradeability. If you compare this laptop to the Razer Blade 15 advanced models, you will be saving a lot of money when purchasing it. The display of this laptop is decent, and for a mid-range gaming laptop, the battery life is average.



Should you Buy it?


Compared to Razer Blade’s products, the XPG is a good deal for the money. With similar performance to its contemporaries for a lower price, this seems like a good deal for a mid-range gaming laptop. For more tips on buying gaming laptop check out this article.