Apple Watch Series 7

The new Apple Watch 7 is an upgrade from the 6, even though it still has the same over 18 hours battery life, health features, and CPU. Now, it comes with an even bigger display (that is easy to compute for standard apps), and it helps get productivity all from your wrist.


More new features to look out for:

  • A better always-on mode.
  • More prominent buttons for calculations.
  • A complete QWERTY layout.
  • A fast charge feature.
  • Highly durable.

Even with the new upgrades, is the new Apple Watch worth the price point? Let’s take a look at in our breakdown. If you need extra cash to get one you can sell your MacBook to us. Even if it’s broken.





What Makes it Work


The Watch 7 comes with a fundamental redesign that Apple has not given since the Watch 4. Although, it is not a significant change, Apple was aiming for a softer aesthetic. So, the corners of this Watch have a slightly rounded corner. The new Apple Watch has the same 50 meters swim-proof rating as the old models, and this time, it also has the IP6X dust resistance certification.


What it’s Lacking


We wish the Watch 7 was crack-resistant to make it safe to wear during sports.






What Makes it Work


The new Watch 7 is bigger than the previous models, and it is better. It is 20 percent bigger than the display of the Series 6 and over 50 percent of the Series 3. With the extended screen on your wrist, the Watch 7 gives a mini-iPhone vibe.

The curve of the screen makes it super easy to read on the Watch at any angle. But unlike how the promotion video proposes, the pour-over effect is not as visible on the Watch. However, it is conspicuous with the contour watch face.


In addition to the large screen and smaller bezels, the Watch 7 is 70 percent brighter when you have it in Always-On mode. And unlike the previous series, there is no noticeable difference with the Face-Awake in direct sunlight. So even if your wrist is not fully raised, you will visibly see your screen.




watchOS 8


What Makes it Work


Apple has maintained the same look on the watchOS over the years: except for select applications unique to the hardware of a particular model. And because the Watch 7 does not feature a new sensor, Apple opted for a bigger screen on the watchOS 8.


Although it is still using the same UI, the new operating system features new tricks on the Watch 7. From the Calculator app to the Control Center, there are larger buttons generally. And some apps like the Home Kit, flex astute animations.

There is also a QWERTY keyboard on the new OS 8, something we have expected for years. It is now easy and comfortable to type away on your wrist.




Health and Fitness


What Makes it Work


We expected to see wellness features in this Watch, like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 that comprises Fitbit and body analysis. The Watch 7 still features health apps like:

  • the Fitness Tracker,
    • which counts your steps
  • GPS tracks your mileage,
  • and the Heart Rate monitor.

It also added the Auto Cycling Tracking feature, which detects when you start a workout and cycle on your bike.




Battery Life


What Makes it Work


This Watch comes with the USB-C charger, which Apple claims it charges the Watch faster. This turned out to be accurate as I could charge in 30 minutes from 20 percent to 60 percent. And just like the previous series, the Watch 7 comes with the same 18-hour battery life.

We expected to see an improvement, and thankfully it charges faster than the Watch 6 series. If you charge your Watch 7 in bits throughout the day, you should have enough power to last you through the night or outdoor walk. And with minutes of charge, before you sleep, you should be able to use the sleep tracking feature through the night.




Final Verdict


The U1 chip in the new Watch 7 is the same as the iPhone Pro models to start your car, unlock your car door, or smart home. The IP6x Resistant, which is dust resistant, is a good deal on its durability. The water resistance feature is also a nice touch.

The bigger screen that comes on the Watch 7 makes a lot of difference, but this is for people who have older watches but want an upgrade. If you are using an iPhone, this is a good choice. It is an overall good product, but aside from the screen size, it is not much change from last year series.


Should you Buy it?


If you have the money, go for it. If not, it’s best to wait for the next couple of models.