How to Mine Bitcoin Using A USB Stick

Image credit: Pixabay

One of the ways to create your Bitcoins without having to trade them is to mine them. And you must understand that generating Bitcoins through a USB stick is one of the original ways of mining Bitcoins. And if you intend to make money or profit off of Bitcoins, you should avoid it. Unfortunately you won’t be able to sell your laptop and use just the USB to mine.

However, it is essential to know how to mine Bitcoin is done without putting much energy into it. In the early days of Bitcoin tech, USB Bitcoin miners were a huge deal. Before it, people used only the CPU to mine for a short period. USB mining then came into existence and gave a massive boost to Bitcoin mining.

As time went on, it became more difficult to mine Bitcoins using high-powered devices. And now, if you want to use a USB stick to mine, it will take a very long time to reach three decimal digits. However, they are excellent and cheap options if you want an introduction to mining.



Things to Know about USB Sticks Now


USB stick – It is the device that will do the actual mining tasks. You can use a USB for Bitcoin mining with just a direct connection to the laptop. Although if you want to handle serious mining tasks, you need an ASIC device.

There has not been many new USB technology for Bitcoin mining in the last couple of years. However, there are three excellent USB mining sticks will do a fantastic job:

  • GekkoScience Compac USB Stick Bitcoin Miner,
  • Sapphire Miner,
  • and Avalon Nano 3.

Let’s take a look at each of those a little closer.



GekkoScience Compac USB Stick Bitcoin Miner


This device mines as much as $0.15/month and comes out with a hashing power of 8 giga-hash per second. This means you will make your first dollar within the same year instead of other USB mining sticks that will take years before you earn.

Conclusion: The fastest of the three



Sapphire Miner


This USB miner has been around for a very long time.  Also known as the ASICMiner Block Erupter USB Sapphire Miner, it is one of the first-ever created USB miners. You are sure to get up to 330MH per second. The profit is about $0.01 every month, making your first dollar after eight or nine years.

Conclusion: The most reliable of the three



Avalon Nano 3


This is by far the easiest and cheapest USB miner. An instant connection to a PC will begin your Bitcoin mining. Unfortunately, like most USB Bitcoin miners, it is very slow and may take a whole year to make one dollar. It features about 3.6 giga-hash per second of mining power, and is a good deal.

Conclusion: The most affordable of the three



How Does It Work?


Several USB sticks are plugged in with the correct software to start the mining process and improve hashing output. For instance, if a USB stick offers 335 mega-hashes every second, connecting six simultaneously will cumulatively generate two giga-hashes of power.

Software like MinePeon, MacMiner, and Asteroid can easily monitor the progress of USB crypto mining.



Bitcoin Mining Software


There are different types of Bitcoin mining software depending on the operating system you want to use. The software you choose happens after deciding on the best USB mining stick for you.

There is so much software available. Some are specific to a device, and others are specific to an operating system. But it all depends on the USB mining stick or pool you use.



Bitcoin Wallets


Just like physical wallets, a Bitcoin Wallet is where you can safely store your Bitcoins. They, in turn, provide a miner with a unique key you can use to process transactions- that is, receiving and sending Bitcoins. Choosing a Bitcoin wallet is complicated and should be chosen with care. They are either offline or online, virtual or physical.



Bitcoin Mining Pool


This is an essential aspect of mining Bitcoins. A mining pool is a group of crypto miners who wish to mine larger Bitcoins blocks faster and share the rewards afterwards.





If you want to understand the basics of mining cryptocurrency, using a USB miner is your best bet. However, you should not expect significant profits with this method of mining. But one of its perks is that it is easy to set up and understand, while being inexpensive and not complicated at all.