How to Mine Bitcoin on Your Laptop For Free

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There are several ways for Bitcoin enthusiasts to mine on laptops.

  1. Payment for goods and services.
  2. Mining Bitcoin through crypto exchange.
  3. Or mine for themselves.

Mining is a process that lets you unveil new Bitcoin by deciphering difficult mathematical problems.


You can liken the process to how miners dig for gold, except that Bitcoin miners need to set up several nodes of high-powered systems to look for the verification key quickly. However, miners have to constantly verify several Bitcoin transactions simultaneously using Blockchain to keep them locked.

Bitcoin miners will be given several problems to work on and solve. Afterwards, they are compensated with a couple of newly created Bitcoins.



How Bitcoin Mining Works


Bitcoin mining is a process of hash confirmation that validates Bitcoin transactions. After the transactions have been validated, miners are responsible for securing the Bitcoin’s network ledger. The hashes measure the speed of Bitcoin mining per second.

A miner can use a previous hash to begin the process of a new transaction to the node network, producing another Bitcoin block. Miners will then confirm the accuracy of the new block, then network approves the transaction.

After all these processes, the miners are then compensated through the network, and the mining pool provides newly made Bitcoin for every miner.



How to Mine On Your Laptop For Free


Bitcoin mining enthusiasts should know and have these important things at hand before deciding to mine. The first step is to set up a Bitcoin wallet. The second is to create an account to store your earnings. Third will be to create an encrypted bank account to transfer your earnings instantly.

Then, you will install and set up free Bitcoin software on your laptop. Finally, you link your Bitcoin wallet to your Bitcoin mining account.



Setting Up Your Bitcoin Wallet


This process is one of the miner’s primary objectives before beginning the Bitcoin mining process. The wallet will easily let a Bitcoin miner save, receive and send Bitcoins securely; and prevent any possible risk exposure. These wallets will contain every Bitcoin, from the smallest unit to thousands.

Creating a wallet must include a valid email address before installing any mining software on your laptop.



Downloading Bitcoin Mining Software


While the hardware handles the mining process, the Bitcoin mining software is crucial to link you to the mining pool and blockchain network. So much free mining software runs on most operating systems like OSX, Linux, Windows, etc.

A lot of these software works well on Raspberry Pi. And depending on your mining setup, this software can be moved with some adjustments. Mining software also observes the Blockchain’s input and output; and shows average data for

  • the hash,
  • speed of the fan,
  • speed of the timer,
  • and temperature.


There are many free Bitcoin mining software out there, so you must do proper research to understand safety precautions. Here are some of the best Bitcoin mining software we found:


BTCMiner– An open-source miner with a USB interface for interaction. Its process is fully automated. And measures the frequency of its dynamic based on its error measurement.


EasyMiner– A GUI free Bitcoin miner for Android, Windows and Linux. It is super transparent, has a user-friendly interface, and automatically configures your mined Bitcoin.


50Miner– A Window-based frontend miner. All you need to mine with this software is a password and username. It automatically mines with a minor hardware tweak.



Join a Mining Pool


After installation of a free mining software and wallet is complete, joining a Bitcoin mining pool is the next thing to do. A mining pool is a group of miners that work together to unravel a block. After the problem is solved and a new Bitcoin block is created, the mining pool divides the rewards.

The importance of a mining pool is to reduce the time it will take to mine Bitcoin. Usually, it may take a single miner more than a year to mine one Bitcoin and never earn from it. It makes more sense and is more suitable to distribute the effort of every miner within a pool. Each member can afterwards divide the reward among the larger Bitcoin miner group.

If you wan to try you can sell your laptop to us for cash and use it to build a mining PC.