How to Build Mining Rig under $1500

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Before you begin building a mining rig, you need to have figured out what kind of rig you want. And that will vary on the type of coins you intend mining. For example, has a good breakdown of what coins are profitable to mine. You can also consider if the coin is one of the top profitable and consistent coins.

Building mining rigs may be tricky, but it is not hard when you break them down. There are things to consider when you want to build a good mining rig: such as how to place them, components, etc. You can also look into buying a gaming laptop for crypto mining.


Just like wallets, there are several types of mining rigs:


ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuits) - These devices are the best for building a mining rig. Although they are hard to come by, it is the best option if your only objective is to make money via cryptocurrency.


CPU- The work of the CPU mining rig is to mine data from the blockchain with processors. They are usually inexpensive and straightforward, and with them, you can mine straight from your computer. While the perk of using a CPU mining rig is availability, the disadvantage is that it takes a lot of electricity use.


GPU- This is a favorite option for people that want to learn how to build a mining rig. These rigs use GPU graphic cards to mine blockchain data. To get the best result, you will have to use the biggest available GPU.

Now that we know the type of mining rigs available, let's get into building one.


How do you Build a Mining Rig?


If you are thinking of building a mining rig, you most likely are considering one with GPU. Most CPU mining rigs are built like the GPUs except for their main component. And ASIC mining rigs do not need any initial building as they are devices on their own.

When picking parts for your rig, there are several things to consider, but the most important is energy consumption and the hash rate. It is also essential to strike a balance between power consumption and component power.


The Components


Motherboard- One of the significant components of a mining rig. It is a determinant of how compatible each component is with one another. When picking a motherboard, you should choose one with good compatibility with your graphics card.


Graphics card(s) – This will determine how solid the performance of your mining rig will turn out to be. The major manufacturers of good graphics are AMD and NVIDIA. Be sure to research the compatibility of these graphic cards with crypto mining.


CPU- Having a good processor is essential in ensuring your mining rig runs efficiently and smoothly.


Power Supply- In most cases, an average power supply mines well. But if you want to have a supercharged, hardcore crypto mining rig, you have to get a potent power supply.


Cooling system- No matter the kind of mining rig you are building, good cooling is essential to avoid overheating and ensure it properly works. It is better to invest in the best cooling on the market to get the best out of your rig.


Frame- A mining rig frame is like the body of your device. There is an array of different and preferred choices. It would be best to use a sturdy frame that will hold the whole thing together.


Building Process


Building a mining rig is simple and does not require much.

  1. First is setting up the motherboard inside the frame of the mining rig.

  2. The next step is to plug the cables into the CPU.

  3. Then add the rest of the hardware needed, including the graphics card.

  4. Afterwards recheck the cable placement and move onto the software.


It depends on the kind of mining rig you choose, but note that even a simple and secure software will do the job. You can check online forums for reviews on several cryptocurrency mining software.

The last step is to configure the options to your preference and complete the setup. You will need to reboot your device a couple of times before it fully operates.

After all of these steps, you are ready to begin your mining journey.




Lots of people are constantly going into cryptocurrency these days. And now with the knowledge of building a mining rig, it is an added advantage for yourself. You will not only know about the mining rig, but also understand how crypto work, and the kind of software you need.

It is important to choose the best hardware and software components for your mining rig so you do not waste time and money. As much as you may not want to spend on your mining rig, it is important to you get decent equipment that will last for a long time. If you need extra cash for parts you can sell your laptop to us through our website

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