Top 3 Gaming Laptops For Crypto Mining In 2021 and Why

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Gaming laptops are great for many things: architecture, video editing, engineering, photo editing and, yes, crypto-mining. This article will show you the best gaming laptops you can use to mine crypto and why you should use them.

Before we start, it may surprise you to know that you can use a gaming laptop for crypto-mining. Most gaming laptops come with powerful GPUs and good battery life, which is needed for crypto-mining. Please note that not all gaming laptops can do this; it has to be the high-end models.


What makes up a powerful gaming laptop? The essentials are powerful hardware, an external fan, and a heat extractor because mining generates a lot of heat. Without suitable hardware, your laptop could be damaged within a short while. The most important thing to know is having an excellent cooling system to prevent overheating and good GPU performance.

There are several crypto-mining coins you can mine with gaming laptops of your choice:

  • Dash

  • Revencoin

  • Ethereum


  • Litecoin

  • Bitcoin Gold

  • Monero

  • Zcash

  • Dogecoin

  • Vertcoin etc.

Now that you have a feel for what you should look for, here are the best gaming laptops you can use for mining crypto.


CUK GS66 Stealth


If you decide on a laptop with NVIDIA RTX 3070, the CUK GS66 Stealth is for you. Its hardware is more powerful than most gaming laptops, with twice the amount of RAM from a standard model. What you can get on this laptop is the Cooler Boost Trinity, which helps enhance air flow to cool the laptop faster.

These three fan features put the whole system in average temperature during crypto-mining or gaming. It is a great feature considering mining pushes your hardware to the edge, so a non-stop operating fan is a great option.


It comes with an:

  • Intel Core i7

  • 1TB NVMe SSD

  • 32GB RAM

  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Max-Q 8GB

Why the CUK GS66 Stealth is Great for Mining


This laptop has a wonderful QHD performance, and the Cooler Boost Trinity with three fans will cool the system, making the crypto-mining experience more effortless and efficient.




There are a lot of great laptops that are under the TUF line. The Dash is a customizable gaming laptop, and you can get one with 40GB RAM. It has a great GPU which is great for mining and gaming. The most remarkable feature about this laptop is its ability to maintain average temperature for mining or gaming.

It comes with an

  • Intel Core i7 processor

  • NVidia GeForce RTX 3070

  • 40GB RAM

  • 4TB SSD

Why the ASUS TUF Dash is Great for Mining


The Asus Dash comes with a tactile keyboard, is highly customizable, and it has a wonderful cooling system that makes the mining experience easy and smooth.


Razer Blade 15


The Blade 15 is one of the best laptops you can use for crypto-mining. And while the price may be an issue for most people, downgraded versions are available at a lower price. However, the upgraded version is the best option for around the clock crypto miners, and gamers, that want to get the best graphics card possible in a laptop.

The Blade 15 comes with:

  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070

  • Intel Core i7-10750H 6 Core

  • Thunderbolt 3

  • 16GB RAM

  • 512GB SSD

Why you should choose the Razer Blade 15


This laptop comes with two cooling fans, which will be great in avoiding the overheating that happens during mining crypto. It also has one of the best GPUs you will find on a mining laptop. And the rest of the hardware will efficiently handle your mining. It is also one of the best options for a mining laptop at a reasonable price.


Final Thoughts


Most gamers can consider the option of crypto mining if they do not want to play games and want to make some profit. This is why it is crucial to use gaming laptops, because most of them come with a powerful GPU and incredible cooling systems.

However, because laptops are more fragile than desktops, you must be careful with overloading your system. The reason being, it could shorten its lifespan and prevent you from enjoying the best of it.


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