iPhone 13 Event: Let’s Discuss What’s New

The expected and anticipated Apple event took place in September of 2021. Many things were announced in the line-up, such as the iPhone 13, new iPad and a few other things. The events are usually huge and glorious, and there were lots of new updates for the latest Apple Series. Here are our big take-aways from the event this year.


The New iPad


The new iPad has a new baseline, and I think it is the best thing in the tablet world. The 10.2 inch stays the same, but inside it, there is a total newness. There is a 12MP ultra-wide selfie that has the center stage like the Mini.

New iPad users will find it as accessible as other familiar Apple products. And while using this iPad, you will be getting the iPadOS 15, with a base storage of 64GB.

Aside from the standard iPad, all Apple iPads come with different chips and USBC.


The New iPad Mini


This is most likely the most significant redesign of the event. The new iPad Mini has been redesigned in every way, and it is now looking a lot like a small iPad Air. Its metallic body comes in four different colors, with a curved design at the corners. And unlike the last iPad Mini, it has just one camera at the back, and it is on a bump.

It is interesting to note that the iPad Air will need to be updated because now the iPad Mini has a new, upgraded chip. If you have an older one, you can sell iPad to us for cash and use it towards the new model.

What Comes with it
  • a beautiful 8.3-inch display

  • USBC

  • A15 Bionic

  • 5G support

  • thin bezels

  • a 12MP camera

  • a front ultra-wide camera

    • with center stages

All these fantastic features are in the new iPad Mini, and it fits perfectly in hand.


The New Apple Watch Series 7


Rumors had it that the Series 7 would come with a square design, but that was not the case.  The new Apple Watch comes in the same shape as before but with a bigger screen. The all-around bezels are 40 percent thinner than the Series 6, and the screen is curvier and flows slightly over the edge.

It still has the same sensors, chips, button, and digital crown. It charges 33 percent faster and comes with a USB-C charger. If you want to upgrade you can sell Apple Watch from previous generations for cash to us.


iPhone 13


There are significant similarities between the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 12 series. But majorly, there are two updates which are the cameras and the display.



What Has Changed

All the new iPhones have brighter screens which is wonderful for HDR and visibility. But iPhone 13 comes with 1000 nits, and the 13 Pros comes with a 1200 nits’ peak. They all have a 20 percent smaller notch. The face ID and selfie camera are still in the same place but compressed to a smaller notch. The iPhone 13 is thicker and heavier to accommodate the same IP 68, ceramic shield, and flat side materials as last year.


iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro max finally have an added 120Hz display. It is a pro-motion display with a possible refresh rate from 10 Hz to 120 Hz. This makes it a real differentiator between the 13 and the 13 Pro.



What Has Changed

The new cameras have a diagonal layout, but the bumps of the camera are a little larger. The actual iPhone 13- both the regular and mini- have the same 12MP dual camera and bigger sensors everywhere.

However, there is a sensor-shift optical image stabilization on the primary sensor. The Pro and Pro Max have similar cameras like the base iPhone 13, but they have higher resolution capabilities. However, each of the cameras comes with a night mode; the telephoto lens has gone up from 2.5x to 3x.


There are two new features on the video mode: the ProRes mode and the Cinematic mode. We can now shoot with 4K 30 FPS ProRes video on the iPhone Pro models. And the Cinematic mode has a bunch of focus tricks and tools to help videographers with their projects.


There are two significant updates on the iPhone 13 Series:

  • a new A15 Bionic chip,

  • a 5 core GPU in the Pro models

  • 4 core GPU in the regular phones



What Has Changed

The battery life of this iPhone 13 Series are slightly better as they have gone from 1.5 to 2.5 hours of use.




The iPad Mini may be the biggest upgrade in this new series of iPad and phones.

As far as the iPhone 13, if you already have an iPhone 12, there is no need to upgrade just yet, as there are just minimal changes. But if you want to upgrade you can sell iPhone that you currently own for cash to us.


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