Hyper X Cloud 2 Wireless: Best Wireless Gaming Headset 2021

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The HyperX has been providing high-end devices for years with a mix of low-range to high-quality headphones for every kind of gamer. And with this new Cloud 2 wireless gaming headset, the impression goes on.

When the HyperX Cloud 2 came out a few years ago, it gave an excellent user experience. Over the years, HyperX has constantly been refining its actual design, but the overall look has not changed. There are several variations of the Cloud series, such as Cloud Orbit X, Cloud Alpha S, and Cloud Mix. Recently, HyperX decided to go back to the Cloud 2 and cut the cord while at it.

But how does this headset stack up to the rest of the competition? Here is our look at the HyperX Cloud 2.



What Makes it Work

For a wireless headset, the Cloud 2 is very light. The stylish, sturdy, sleek, aluminum frame is cover by black and red. Like all Cloud headsets, the signature logo of the HyperX is on both sides of the ear cups. Each cup contains a few features to work with.


On the left side:

  • a USB-C charging port

  • 3.5mm mic, power button (that acts as the sound toggle)

  • a microphone/mute button


On the right side:

There is a very smooth volume scroll that does not have a physical stop, but an audible beep will alert you at 100 percent volume.

At the edge of the band, there is a subtle red and black colored weave. The headset's adjustable red aluminum body is what its ear cups are held by. It adds to the aesthetic of the headset.



What Makes it Work

The Cloud 2 wireless comes with a detachable bi-directional and noise-cancelling microphone that pops into the left ear cup. It also has a mic/mute button that indicates when it is muted, with an LED light that shows around the bottom of the mic.

What it's Lacking

The microphone is not what we expected for a wireless headphone as it does not have a good and clear sound.

Overall: Not enough communication


What Makes it Work

True to its name, Cloud 2 feels like a cloud on your head. They are very comfortable, pleasant, and flexible: adjustable enough to fit a head no matter how wide. The excellent leatherettes/memory foam ear cups are placed well over the ears, and don't interfere with the ear itself. There is lovely and full padding on the headband, with no pressure point anywhere.


Sound Quality

What Makes it Work

The drivers used inside this headset are the same 53mm, neodymium drivers in the original Cloud 2, but these are fine-tuned a little differently. The sound quality is fantastic; you get a nice solid bass punch throughout. Imaging and positional audio are spot-on in the Cloud 2 wireless. This headset provides the best audio for gaming no matter what platform you use, from the Nintendo Switch to the PS5.

Although it is not the warmest sounding headset out there, if you turn it up to 100 percent volume, the highs can get a little bit harsh. However. this mostly happens in music, primarily the vocals. It does bother me during gaming. While the HyperX is designed for gaming, the beats of bass heavy music is also enjoyable.

Overall: CLARITY IN (almost) ALL FORMS

Battery Life

What Makes it Work

The battery life of this headset is pretty good. The battery life of the Cloud 2 estimates to be 30 hours at 50 percent volume. At the back of the left ear cup, there is a little LED indicator that acts as a battery status because it stays green at 100 percent.

From 90 to 15 percent, the LED will flash green, and when the battery is lower than 15 percent, the light will turn red. What is impressive, this headphone goes off when there is no active sound, thereby saving more power.


Final Verdict


The HyperX Cloud 2 is a treat as far as gaming headsets go. The headset is great for intense gaming with its accurate audio and sound profile, and it can go all the way for bass-heavy tunes. While this wireless headset is great, we want to see better customizable features especially considering its price. There are so many other low budget wireless headsets with good features that will suit your needs. If you nave an older model you can sell your vr headset to us for cash and use it towards an upgrade.

But if you want the best audio with a comfortable feel, the Cloud 2 wireless is the best option.

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