iPad OS 15: What to Expect

There are a lot of expectations for the iPadOS 15. And while it does not have the capabilities to run on apps for MacOS, the iPadOS comes with amazing new features that includes easy multitasking, and other great features in Safari and Mail apps.

The new iPadOS 15 will release around mid to late September, and that is generally when Apple release new software updates for all devices. However, the beta version of the software iPadOS 15 is already out to the public. It is not advisable to use it on an active device, so instead we looked to find out the new exciting features. This will help you decide which iPad to buy.


Multitasking Menu


What’s New


The new multi-tasking menu is a new look for the iPadOS 15. Although the multitasking menu looks the same as the previous generation, the iPadOS 15 has steadily improved. Its ability to configure and activate easier and clearer is a welcome upgrade. However, the most important features in the multitasking menu are:

  • the slide over,
  • split view,
  • and full screen.


You can easily navigate to the multitasking menu from every app you find yourself.

The new menu helps you easily discover and find whatever app you want on your tablet. From the slide over or split view, the app you are on will just move to the extreme corner of the screen, showing you the home screen. And from the home screen, you can automatically access the app you need. Repeat the same method to choose a secondary app as well.

To leave the menu, locate the three dot menu on the screen that takes you back to the single app mode.


App Shelf


Layered Simplicity


In this new iPadOS 15, there is a shelf feature that makes the multi app abilities easily noticeable. You can explore the entire apps easily, without a prior or extensive knowledge of the iPadOS. It is easy to switch windows by selecting its matching icon on the shelf. Additionally, you can swipe up on it to close a window that is not in use.

There is a shelf like icon that appears whenever you open an app with several windows. You can create a new window for that app with the shelf that appears at the bottom of the screen: allowing you to see all the open options for that app.


Floating Windows


A New Way of Organizing


The new iPadOS come with floating windows that works with:

  • Messages,
  • Mail,
  • and Notes.


It is a bit similar to the slide over feature. However, instead of sliding to a corner, it lingers in the middle. Giving you an option of throwing a held down note, message or email into the center window. You can now much easier organize photos and other files. 

Floating windows are limited to the app: it disappears whether on the home screen or another app. Importantly, it also comes with a multitasking menu that gives you the option of using:

  • slide over,
  • split view,
  • full screen,
  • and another icon that brings your apps back to the floating window.


Keypad Shortcuts


Accessory Ease


The newly released Magic Keyboard by Apple includes a shortcut feature in the iPadOS. It makes cursor movement and typing easier and faster. These features include:

  • slide over controls,
  • split view,
  • app switcher,
  • Siri,
  • previous and next app.


It also includes Show Dock, Quick Notes, and Notification and Control Centers. These shortcuts let you navigate easily and quickly around the tablet, bringing more productivity.

It was not exactly fun to run iPadOS on iPhone apps due to the portrait feature in previous generation. Fortunately, the iPadOS 15 comes with landscape mode making it possible to run iPhone apps. This would have made it harder to use with the Magic Keyboard or whatever typing accessories that could come in next generations.


Final Verdict


There are lots of other amazing features we should expect in this new iPadOS 15:

  • home screen widgets
  • face upgrades
  • app library
  • mail privacy
  • live text


In addition, one of the most important features is the Universal Control. It allows you to simultaneously control an iPad, iPhone and a Mac with the same cursor. All you need to do is place the devices next to each other and use the track pad pointer off the edge of the first device screen. Additionally, you can also use a drag and drop feature for the same effect.

While there may be better expectations in this new iPadOS 15, it promises amazing features and wonderful experiences all throughout. And if you don’t like it for any reason you can sell iPad to us for cash and move on to a Windows powered tablet or another device.