iPhone 13 Pro Max: From a Mock-Ups View

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Apple has announced a June release date for the iPhone 13 lineup. With this reported date, the release will be earlier than expected. However, we have been getting a hint into how the iPhone 13 lineup will look. In this case, we will look at the details of the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s mock-up view. It is an early look into the prototype, or better still, a mimic of the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

There have been several rumors about the iPhone 13 Pro Max, one of which is the predicted presence of a large camera unit at the back. One other strong rumor is the adoption of a slightly smaller notch than what we might have expected. The smaller notch is excellent news for a lot of people, as a lot of users have been expecting Apple to shrink the notch for many years.


The reason behind Apple’s maintenance of a big notch is because they have been hiding their face ID tech in there. If they successfully pack it into a smaller notch and give users a larger screen size, that will be great.

Compared to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is pretty much identical weight wise. The Apple logo on the back is almost identical, the same as the dimensions. The iPhone 13 Pro Max mock-up is fatter than the iPhone 12 Pro Max, hinting that we might be having a more overweight model from Apple’s next iPhones.

The Cameras are now Much Bigger

The first element that is noticeable on the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the rear cameras. In the mock-up review done by Hilsenteger, he compared the diameter measurements with the iPhone 12 Pro Max cameras.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max measured 16.99mm, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max measured 14.10mm.


The measurements show a 20 percent size increase in the module of each camera, which is the most significant physical spring in the history of the iPhone. The bigger modules equate to bigger lenses, which ultimately results in increased lights that improve image quality, particularly in poor or low lighting conditions.

Although we are yet to get specific camera measurements in the iPhone 13, we expect the ultrawide camera to have the biggest quality increase. With the ultrawide camera being the poorest of all iPhone cameras for numerous generations, the upgrade is a welcomed one, and it augurs well for major leaps like this in the past modules.

A Much Smaller Notch

Perhaps, the biggest change noticed in the mock-up view for the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the smaller notch. Hilsenteger once again measured the notch to compare with that of the iPhone 12.

The notch on the iPhone 13 Pro Max measured 34.62mm, while that of the iPhone 12 Pro Max measured 26.31mm.


The measurement shows a 30 percent size reduction. Although most users have always wanted the notch to be absent, this reduction is a great one regardless as it conceals Apple’s top-class Face ID technology.

To achieve this, Apple moved the speaker/ earpiece to the upper bezels while positioning the Face ID module right beneath it. There is no depth reduction with the layout, but the speaker length was entirely removed.

The Max Dimensions

During Hilsenteger’s mock-up review, the iPhone 13 Pro Max dimension is close to that of the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The latest Pro Max will measure 160.85 by 78.08 by 7.52 mm, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max measures 160.80 by 78.10 by 7.47 mm.


The new iPhone Pro Max (10.36MM) thickness is also similar to that of the 12 Pro Max (10.28mm) when you include the rear cameras. They have similar button layouts, and lighting ports, despite the spreading rumor about a portless iPhone model planned for next year.

However, the latest review has not answered questions about things like the ProMotion display (120Hz) rumored to be on Pro editions, a possible TouchID return, or any internal change.


While we are yet to get a particular release date for the iPhone 13 series, the mock-up view has heightened expectations on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Apple had more time to work on the iPhone 13 lineup due to the pandemic. The smaller notch, change in the rear camera, and a rumored better overall camera is excellent news as we expect the iPhone 13 Pro Max release. Get ready to trade your iPhone for the new one. You can even sell broken iPhone to us if you have one. Fixing it is usually to costly compared to just selling getting a working one.

We cannot wait to lay hands on the iPhone 13 Pro Max, as we have high expectations.


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