Top 3 Best Ryzen Gaming Laptops in 2021 So Far

Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX701 Laptop

Ryzen is a processor made by the AMD product line. It serves different functions, from gaming PCs to high-performing business workstations. Ryzen has between four to 32 cores, although most models produced for users have four cores. It also has about 62 processing threads that help to handle many tasks at a time.

An average processing speed is over about 3.4GHz, but the top models mostly clock up to 4.3Hz. It supports DDR4 memory, and you can expand the PCIe slots. This gives room for you to build it as you like.

Why do gamers rate the Ryzen highly?

After testing and using the Ryzen processors many times, we noticed why it is popular among gamers. Although Ryzen is not restricted to only gamers, it also serves creative and business tasks so well. Here are some of the benefits of using a Ryzen processor:

  1. Excellent processing speed

Ryzen processors present different performance levels, but the top models are famous for their extraordinary multitasking abilities. The AMD Ryzen processors come with four to eight cores, while most competing brands come with a maximum of six cores. Due to Ryzen’s ability to handle multitasking, it is a great processor for gamers who usually need their laptops to multitask.

  1. Top graphics that suit all environment

Ryzen processors give you the chance to experience a top paring when combined with the graphics APU from AMD. In comparison, other laptops allow graphics processing on the integrated graphics chip. AMD utilizes dedicated graphics with its RAM to speed up loading time and offer a better gaming atmosphere.

If you want to get a discrete card for graphics, AMD is arguably the best you will find. Gamers have realized that the graphics that come with Ryzen laptops are enough to cater for their needs.

  1. Affordable and offer high value

The reason that most PC users do not buy high-end CPUs is the high cost. However, AMD has found a way to make the processors affordable while offering premium functions. With this, you are assured that of a decent gaming experience without spending too much.

AMD matches most top processors while costing less, which makes them highly valued.

  1. It works well with most devices and technology

One of the most significant considerations for gamers is to have their laptops working well with their accessories. AMD offers this, which is a reason for its popularity among gamers, especially eSports gamers worldwide.

  1. It is durable and reliable

AMD is a trusted name among gamers for its durability and reliability. Gamers can continually upgrade and tweak the Ryzen through new changes that come into the market.

Top three Ryzen Gaming laptops in 2021
Asus ROG Flow X13
  • Gorgeous and flexible design

  • Ultimate gaming and general performance

  • Outstanding battery life

  • It has a solid XG-Mobile eGPU

  • The keys quite small

  • The display is not bright enough

  • Expensive


The ROG Flow-X13 is a top gaming Asus laptop that delivers excellent performance while weighing below three pounds. It features the latest Ryzen 5000-series CPU and the GeForce GTX-1650 Nvidia Max-Q graphics chip. Its uniqueness comes from its solid XG-Mobile eGPU that takes the performance to an even higher level with the RTX-3080’s power.

The design of the Flow X-13 is top class, with Asus opting for the gravity-wave design that covers the magnesium-alloy chassis. It has 360-degree flexibility that helps it to convert into a tablet, tent and stand mode.

Asus Zephyrus G15
  • Top Nvidia and AMD performance

  • Has a 165Hz,1440p panel

  • Astonishing battery life

  • Clicky keyboard

  • Stylish design

  • A not-so-vibrant display

  • It doesn’t come with a webcam


Asus delivered outstanding performance and a top battery life with its ROG Zephyrus-G14 last year. However, it couldn’t handle more than the 2060 Max-Q Nvidia graphics card, which was one major drawback. Asus has come back this year, eliminating that drawback in the G15. The G15 comes with the latest Ryzen 5000-series processor and the GeForce RTX-3080 Nvidia graphics chip.


The Asus ROG G15 still delivers an excellent battery life despite the increased power. The keyboard and speakers also got improved, although the display could be more vibrant. The display is still smoother and sharper than the G14’s, and the refresh rate has increased to 165Hz. It is a top gaming laptop, and it is VR-ready.

Asus Zephyrus ROG G14
  • Light and thin design

  • Top Nvidia and AMD performance

  • Top battery life

  • A bright display with a 120Hz refresh rate

  • Absence of a webcam

  • Poor keyboard lighting


The G14 is one of the most portable gaming laptops ever, and it is VR-ready. It comes with the top Ryzen 4000—series AMD processors and a solid RTX or GTX graphics card option. If you combine these features with the top battery life, you will realize that you have a performance monster in this gaming laptop. It has a bright display, topping its category in this aspect and a refresh rate of 120Hz and the AMD FreeSync support.

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