New Colorful iMacs 2021: An Iconic Design

Apple iMac 27 front

Apple has announced its new iMac that comes with a colorful, compact, and remarkably slim design. It also features Apple's latest chip, the M1 Chip. The latest iMac offers power in a thin body, not more than 11.5 millimeters and a disappearing side profile. Apple offers its latest iMac in a variety of colors that matches different styles that the users may possess and shine through in any space. The iMac has a 4.5k 24-inch Retina display that has a brightness peak of 500 nits, 11.3 million pixels, and colors counting over a billion that delivers a vivid and brilliant viewing experience.

The latest iMac comes with a FaceTime HD 1080p camera, mics at the studio quality, and a sound system with six speakers. This is the best audio and camera to ever be in a Mac. Apple also includes TouchID, a first of its kind on the iMac, which eases secure login, quickly buys stuff with Apple Pay or switches between profiles with a touch.


The latest iMac combines the performance and power of the Big Sur macOS and the M1 Chip, launching apps with top speed and executing every task at a blazing pace. It also easily execute high energy tasks like editing 4K videos. Apple has advanced its plan to transition fully to the M1 Chip, with the iMac joining the MacBook Pro 13, MacBook Air, and the Mac mini.

The latest iMac release is the most powerful, personal, fun, and capable the iMac has ever been. Apple has said that it will be available to users from May 2021.

Let's take a deeper look into what the latest iMac offers.

A fresh design

The iMac is an iconic PC, and Apple's latest attempt to make it even better is welcomed with both hands. The newest iMac is slimmer than ever and well compact. The mighty M1 Chip helps the iMac achieve this aim through its architecture. The new design brought a 50 percent reduction in the iMac's volume, as it now takes up lesser space and can seamlessly fit into more places.

It comes in various colors, including yellow, green, pink, orange, blue, purple, and silver. The color range helps the iMac to compliment and elevate the spaces it occupies than any other PC. While the back is bold and saturated in its color, the front side is subtle in color with its slimmer borders to erase distraction from the content on the screen.

The power connector is new and has a magnetic connection, alongside a 2-meter cable that matches the color.

An excellent-looking 4.5k 24-inch Retina Display

The iMac has always had a great display, and the latest iMac follows that trend. It has a 4.5k 24-inch Retina Display that comes with 11.3 million pixels. Its 500 nits of peak brightness and colors, counting more than a billion, create a brilliant and vivid image on display.

The display also has the True-Tone technology with automated color temperature adjustment when there is a change in the environmental atmosphere. The anti-reflective coating leads the way in the current market, enhancing readability and comfort.

The M1 Chip brings its power to the iMac

The iMac possesses the performance and power of the Big Sur macOS and the M1 Chip. The iMac executes daily tasks with more speed and fluidity, wakes instantly from sleep, and launches apps with a top speed.

Users can open numerous Safari tabs at once and enjoy quick edit for images. The iMac can run iPad and iPhone apps without making users break the workflow.

The M1 Chip in the iMac boosts its processor performance to almost 85 percent from the previous models. Exporting video projects becomes faster than ever, and GPU performance is twice as fast as the previous model.

Top connectivity


n every iMac, users get two sets of Thunderbolt ports that transfer data at top speed, support for 6K display and the Wi-Fi 6 that delivers fast wireless performance. There are additional double Type-C USB ports in the latest iMac with 8-core configuration, and the power adapter houses the Ethernet port up to 1Gbps – avoiding clutter on the desktop.

Final Verdict

The latest iMac's range of colors offers a unique look to our homes and offices, something we do not get to see regularly. Asides from the power of the M1 Chip, the design is what pulls more attention to the latest iMac. If you're looking to upgrade, you can trade iMac for cash with us and buy the new ne.

Apple has always been trendsetters, and they did just that with this iMac. Expect competitors also to take bold steps away from the monochromatic looks that they regularly offer. While this might not be a regular occurrence from Apple, the joy and happiness the latest design offers will stick in users' minds.

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