How to Boost FPS in any Game

Console gaming is quite different from PC gaming, as the latter needs a lot from the PC to run smoothly. In console gaming, the developers optimize the games for a particular hardware configuration. But in PC gaming, this isn't easy to do as PCs vary a lot in the hardware department. However, there are ways to get from extra frames-per-second (fps), no matter the level of components on your PC.

If you do all the things listed in this article, and your PC still struggles to play that latest game, you probably need to upgrade some components or the entire PC. Usually, the first component to replace is the graphics card. In some situations, you might also need to upgrade your RAM and CPU, as they also significantly affect your PC gaming performance.

Firstly, what is low frames-per-second (FPS) and what is the cause of low fps?

Low frames-per-second is the situation where your game drags because your PC lacks the memory or power to run the game properly. Some of the usual causes include having an old driver for graphics, a weak graphics chip, an outdated processor, or not enough RAM.

Movies and games display on the PC monitor in a quick-fire frame series. The number of frames that appear on the monitor per second is called the frame rate, and its measurement is in frames-per-second (FPS).


Most of the games available now run at 30 to 60 fps. Things usually look smooth at these rates, although some gamers prefer a stable 60 fps. The latest gaming laptops mainly operate at 144Hz to 360Hz speeds, as that rate is good enough for very smooth and competitive gameplay.

If you have a PC that doesn't have the power to generate these frames constantly, it will fall in frame rate. This will make the game appear in slow motion.

Here are ways to boost your fps
Reduce resolution

The most considerable effect on how your PC performs during gaming is from the resolution. If you do not have a super gaming PC, you will likely need to sacrifice in this regard. The average PC cannot play modern games in ultra HD resolutions while maintaining a stable 60 fps.

The higher your resolution, the higher the pixels on the screen and strain on the graphics chip. When you reduce the game resolution, your graphics chip will have an easier job. Although you will not get the clearest graphics, the games will run smoothly after tweaking the display settings.

Change video settings in the game

The fps can be affected by almost every setting in the game. If your PC is not running the game as smoothly as you like, you can reduce video settings in the game. However, some settings affect the performance more than others, so you need information on the benchmark to target the video settings.

Update graphics chip drivers

The central controller of the type of gaming experience you have in your graphics chip. However, you can only get the true potential by using the correct graphics drivers. This single act can boost your fps in a significant way.

There are different ways to update the different graphics chip drivers; all you have to do is read up on your GPU manufacturer's upgrade method. To know the graphics chip in your PC, go to control panel > hardware and sound > device manager > display adapters.

Delete unused programs

Sometimes, the number of programs running in the background can slow the performance of your PC. A lot of these programs are primarily unnecessary and only lay waste to the PC's memory. When you remove such programs, it can impact your fps and boost your PC gaming performance.

Other ways to boost your PC gaming performance include:
  • Upgrading your PC's graphics chip: sometimes, your graphics chip is just so old and needs an upgrade. To increase your fps, you need to find out if your graphics chip is not out of touch already.

  • Upgrade the drive to SSD: SSDs are faster than other types of hard disks and can increase your PC loading time, resulting in a smoother gaming experience.

  • Upgrade your PC RAM: the higher your RAM, the more work that your PC can handle at once. Upgrading your PC RAM will increase the power and result in better gaming performance.


There is nothing as pleasing to a gamer as a smooth gaming experience. While console gaming doesn't boost the fps, PC gamers can also enjoy the freedom that comes with upgrading to suit the latest games. The fps is an essential aspect of gaming, and these steps will help you get more out of it, leading to a better gaming experience. You can trade computer for cash with us if you're not satisfied and buy or build another one.

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