Surface Laptop 4: The Best Alternative to MacBook

Microsoft Surface Laptop Front

The Surface Laptop and the M1 MacBook start at the same price but are relatively different. The Surface Laptop has a Ryzen 5 4000 series that is excellent, considering its price and improvement over the 3000 series. The all-aluminum inside and outside build of the surface laptop creates a sense of longevity for the Surface device.

As much as it serves a great purpose in terms of performance, battery, connectivity, and design, the Surface 4 is the best Windows laptop with all these specifications and competes with the M1 MacBook.

The Microsoft is a thin 3:2 touchscreen laptop which is a significant improvement over the last generation of surface laptops, especially the laptop 3 with its low-performance level and subpar battery life.


The Surface Laptop is sleek and super lightweight. It is a 13" inch laptop, just like the Apple M1 MacBook coming in black and grey. It offers the same design still like the older generation, it weighs 2.8 pounds, and it is about 12.1 x8.8 x 0.6 inches which are more significant than the 2.8 pounds, 12x 8.4 x 0.6 of the M1 MacBook. Microsoft designed the Surface 4 laptops in a subtle blue colour. It also has an eye-catching Microsoft symbol on the lid.


The 3:2 display aspect of the Surface 4 laptops is impressive for productivity such as writing, editing and reading. It has a 2256 x 1504 pixel screen display, but it is not very sharp when playing videos, although it can be used for casual gaming. It has a brightness level of 400-nits.

Being a reflective laptop, using the Surface 4 under direct sunlight or bright lights could pose an issue as you would see your reflection more instead of your screen.

Keyboard and Trackpad

With a history of good trackpads and keyboards, the Surface 4 did not disappoint.  The keyboard is super comfortable, with nice spacing and noiseless keys, and has a three-level backlight that uses the laptop in a low light condition super easy.

The trackpad, as expected with Microsoft, is of high quality. At 4.5 inches large, the trackpad is responsive to touch and gives a quiet click and smooth precision. The unique thing about the Surface Laptop 4 is that the trackpad and keyboard match, unlike Apple's black and white keys on the MacBook.


The Surface Laptop 4 is an 11th- gen intel core i7 and comes with 16GB for effective performance. It also comes with Radeon graphics and an 8-core AMD processor.

And it can ultimately handle any amount of workflow you bring its way. During our test, it was seamlessly switching between several opened tabs and opening new tabs.


Unlike the Surface Laptop 3 where the performance was not up to speed, it only makes sense that Microsoft focuses on getting it better on the Surface Laptop 4.  The performance of the Surface Laptop 4 stands above many of its class, including the M1 MacBook. If you like that trade your MacBook for cash with us and buy the Surface laptop.

It is primarily a quiet laptop, although the fan noise could get a little noisy when it is under full use.

Battery life

One of the significant advantages the windows laptop has is its battery life. Microsoft claims that the battery life of the surface laptop 4 can last for up to 19 hours of regular use. In terms of battery life, both the M1 MacBook and the Surface Laptop are almost the same.


The Surface 4 came with a lot of connectivity, such as the USB-C port, a USB-A port and a headphone port on the left side. While you will find a surface connector on the right side that is useful for connecting an AC adapter with a personal USB Type-A port built-in, it also has another USB port on its power brick.

However, the downside to the connectivity of the Surface Laptop 4 is its inability to support thunderbolt 4 even on intel models. This makes it hard for accessories like high-capacity drives.

There is an SSD that you can take out, although it requires total removal of the keyboard. However, this SSD has the potential of being upgraded if you want it eventually.

Final Verdict

The Surface Laptop 4 is one of the best laptops in the market. Overall, it is a good buy for anyone who wants a high-performance laptop, with excellent battery life, in a portable and aesthetically pleasing package and also if you wish to a MacBook quality laptop but still want a windows experience.

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