Razer Blade Pro RTX 3060: Most Powerful Gaming Laptop

Razer Blade Pro GTX 1080 Laptop Front

Razer has recently changed the Blade Pro’s design. The latest change offers better performance due to the excellent form factor, with a cooling system that does a great deal of stabilizing performance. Perhaps, the most impressive upgrade is the latest QHD screen to complement the 17-inch display. 

This is not to say the laptop is without any flaws. The keyboard could be better, likewise the audio and the battery. The Razer Blade Pro demands a premium; therefore, it ought been near perfect. However, despite these blemishes, this is arguably the most powerful gaming laptop that currently exists.


The performance is solid and balanced, and the internal components allow ease of upgrade. Gamers will enjoy this one, but Razer has also stated that professionals will love it as well. The RTX 3060 graphics chip from Nvidia is also a good improvement, and it has a 165Hz refresh rate for the display.

Let’s take an extensive look into what makes this model the best selling laptop in the gaming sector.


The design didn’t get anything new from the last version. Razer has decided to go with the same design since 2018 and to be fair; it is an excellent design if it is not broken while fixing it.

The aluminium build is superb and quite solid. It weighs just over 6 pounds which is reasonable for its size. It comes in black like the previous models, and the problem of the fingerprints remain. Overall, the design is solid and works fine. A change might not hurt as it has been years, but it is still great.


The Razer Blade Pro has arguably the best 17-inch screen in the market. This is the first time that we are getting a 17-inch QHD screen with this level of speed. Most gamers will agree that the QHD screen is the perfect one for gaming, with 4K screens not being the most ideal for gaming.

The screen has a BOE panel, and it is an IPS screen. It has 2560 by 1440 resolution and a 165Hz refresh rate. The peak brightness is at 343 nits, which makes it averagely suitable. The glare is also good enough. The contrast is good, so is the colour balance. It has sharp viewing angles and has an excellent pixel density for the screen size.


This Razer Blade Pro model is equipped with the Core i7-10875H Intel CPU and the RTX-3060 from Nvidia. It has only a 6GB VRAM, which is lesser than the 8GB in 3070/3080 configurations. The 16GB RAM is upgradeable, and there is a 512GB SSD. However, there are models with higher storage.

One of the best things about the Razer Blade Pro is how easy it is to upgrade the components. When put through the tests, the results showed that the CPU has limited powers for controlled temperature. The GPU also performed well regardless of the power limitations. It will handle most games pretty well.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The keyboard and the touchpad remain the same as previous models. It maintains an intuitive layout and well-spaced keys. There is no NumPad, and this helps typing and avoid the accidental touch of the touchpad. The typing experience was good, but the keys could have deeper travel and more refined feedback. It has a chroma per-key lighting that gives it a great look that is probably unmatched. Overall, the keyboard is good.

The touchpad stays the same as previous models, and it is excellent. It is made of glass, large and has smooth touch. It has accurate tracking and gestures, with good feedback from the integrated buttons.


The Razer Blade Pro has a good amount of ports. There is the Thunderbolt 3 C slot, a Type-A USB slot, a SD card reader, and a 2.1B HDMI port for the right side. There are two Type-A USB slots, an Ethernet port, a Type-C USB slot, the power port, and a mic/headphone combo jack for the left side. 

Battery Life

The battery is not the best for the Razer Blade Pro. After tests, it averaged a 4-hour use. The Razer Blade 15 model has a better battery.

Final Verdict

The Razer Blade Pro is excellent on the overall scale, and the performance puts it at the top for gaming laptops. The QHD display makes the deal even sweeter, as this is the first time of having such on a 17-inch screen.

The Razer Blade Pro 17 is one that I would buy if I want a big screen and powerful gaming. The only issue might be how it fits into a bag for mobility. Asides from that, it is near perfect.


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