How to Free Up Space on Your iPhone without Deleting Your Pictures

There is nothing more dreadful than seeing `There is not enough available storage '' while trying to take a photo, make a video, or download important apps on your iPhone.

Most iPhone users immediately delete videos or photos because they think that is the only way to create extra space on your phone. But in the real sense, there are several things that could have taken up the space on your phone storage. Like storing unnecessary apps, hoarding old messages, enabling duplicate files when shooting with HDR and so on. Easiest would be to sell your iPhone and buy one with a bigger storage. But let's say that's not an option.

We have curated easier ways to create space on your beloved iPhone without losing precious photos.

Delete Unused Applications

There are so many applications we put on our phones for the sake of it that we never get to use them. There are also pre-installed applications. These apps take up space meant for more important things over time. So the best thing to do is temporarily delete unnecessary and unused apps and if it becomes important to have them later on, you can reinstall them. This will not only free space but also will speed up the phone.

Clear Cache

Yes, we've all seen it, "clear your cache". Clearing your browser's cache should be applied regularly to your phone. If you use a Safari browser, it is essential to clear the history browser. You can access the cache when you go to settings and clear website data.

Turn off automatic app updates

Leaving your app updates on not only drains your battery and data but also your storage space. What you can do is manually choose the particular time you want an app to update. You can access these updates in the app store when you enter settings.

Empty your recently deleted files

If you recently deleted photos and videos, it stays on your iPhone for a while longer, and that takes up a lot of space. Just like a computer, recently deleted files stay in the trash. Most people forget about it and have to suffer from limited storage space on their iPhones. You must clear your recently deleted items as they can free up space.

Delete Old text messages

Messages take up a lot of storage on your iPhone, especially if you have pictures or videos or attachments on your phone. You can delete old messages you no longer need or keep files that are still important on external drives. You can also decide to set your iPhone to delete messages after some time.

Make use of cloud storage

Moving your files to the cloud is one of the easiest ways to free up space on your iPhone. Apple iCloud offers free storage space of up to 5GB. There is a plan option of 50GB for $0.99 per month in case you need more than 5GB for your storage.

However, there is other free/affordable online storage such as google photos. This option gives 15GB of storage for free.

Stream Your Music

Make use of radio and iTunes for streaming instead of constantly saving up music files to save storage space. If you have already downloaded music on your iPhone, you can delete them. It will be best if sign up for apple music for easy streaming. The best part about this is if you already have an iTunes account, you can easily connect to your account and just listen to your music.

Delete Group Chats

Yes, group chats are fun and it is interesting to go back to previous chat with friends and giggle at funny words, pictures, videos and screenshots that you have shared. This affects your storage space though, so you might have to let it go. It may be best if you make it an occasional thing to do on your phone.

Delete podcasts

If we are being honest with ourselves, we rarely go back to listen to old podcasts. You can stream the ones you wish to listen to again instead of saving them and keeping the storage.

Disable duplicate saving in HDR

When you want to take a photo in HDR, the iPhone usually saves two shots. To create extra space on your phone, you have to disable saving the duplicates by going to the settings, and enabling “keep normal photo” in the camera and photos options.

It is not advisable to be with a phone that has low storage capacity—for many reasons. It makes it hard to put important updates and doesn’t let your iPhone properly function, and that could be daunting especially if you have reasons for the need of excess space on your iPhone. Lastly you can download al your photos and music and  completely wipe the device and start over.


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