Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition is the Best Gaming Keyboard

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The Huntsman Tournament edition is a user-friendly gaming keyboard for competitive players that don't mind compromising typo-free typing for excellent gaming.

It has a swift and lightweight design. It is a simple keyboard that has a bit of enthusiast-grade influences and has a speedy response. Its target audience is the E Sport gamers.

Let me spare you the boring details and let's have a brief look at some of the specs of the Huntsman Tournament edition. You can use it with any gaming laptop or desktop.

  • Fast switches

  • Compact design

  • Detachable cable which enhances portability

  • Sensible software

  • It is expensive

  • Not the best option for typing


The small size of the Huntsman Tournament edition is probably the first thing you'll notice; it is tiny. There's only about half an inch of chassis on both sides of the keyboard after the end of the key. The black aluminum build blends perfectly with this petite size, making it look classy.

The Huntsman TE does not have a Numpad- it is a tenkeyless keyboard that might annoy you if you are a spreadsheet addict, but it makes a lot of sense for the target audience.


It also has a detachable cable which is also a new design element, instead of having a cable that will get jiggled around while moving the keyboard or during erratic gaming sessions, the cable is easily detachable. Behind the keyboard, on the left side, is a USB-C port.

However, the detachable doesn't make the keyboard a wireless device; the device is packed with full RGB lighting as is expected of a Razer product.


Since the keyboard is aimed mainly at esport gamers, performance is of utmost importance. Performance coupled with reliability. The performance of the games played with the keyboard is what matters the most.

'Overwatch' on the Razer Huntsman TE feels awesome, your character is incredibly responsive, and there is no delay in your commands. The keyboard uses a different iteration of optomechanical switches in the Huntsman Elite. When one of the keys is pressed, it interrupts a laser under the switch and triggers the keypress immediately, without delay.


It doesn't matter how pro you are, you will notice the improvement in the speed of the keyboard, another benefit of a switch like this is that it has fewer moving parts, which should make it last longer.

Esport gamers are a bit too hard on their hardware, so it is good to know that the keyboard can 'take a beating' even from avid gamers.

Final Verdict

Even though the Huntsman TE may seem a bit in the high side for a barebones keyboard which it is on face value, but its travel-friendly design, detachable cable, and fast key switches it a must-have for every pro gamer out there. You can trade your laptop or PC is you wanna upgrade and keep the keyboard for the next computer.

The keyboard is simply a delightful sight to behold; it has a stellar design that can't go unnoticed if you are an esports player in need if a reliable, quick, and portable keyboard, the Huntsman TE is just right for you.

Also, it just might be worth the penny if you need a simple keyboard to put on your desk at home; that is if you don't mind the price.


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