ASUS Scar 15: A Premium Upgrade Indeed

Asus Strix GL503VS Laptop Front

The gaming world sees improvement at a high rate with every generation of new gaming laptops. The versatility and power that these laptops are quite admirable.

In this case, we look at Asus's new offering to the gaming world with the Scar 15. This gaming machine will interest all gamers as it comes with the GeForce RTX-2070 from Nvidia, a Core i9 CPU from Intel, 32GB of RAM, and a 300Hz 15-inch display. Oh, we forgot to mention the 2TB of solid-state drive storage.

Although it doesn't come at the most affordable rates, which was why we took a closer look to see if it's true that premium upgrade.


The matte black body of the Scar 15 is the only subdued part of the design. When you power it on, there is a lot of neon light affair and it's not only about the ROG logo and the keyboard, the base also lights up which gives it such a gorgeous look. You also have control over the way the RGB light pops through the Aura Creator application.

Although the Scar 15 has a plastic build, it doesn't feel like it. The quality of the structure is good, with a sturdy hinge and smooth corners. The laptop is mobile although it's not the lightest at 5.7 pounds. For a gaming laptop, it is a plus if it is mobile. It measures 14.1 by 10 by 0.7 inches which means it is slim even if it isn't the lightest.


The display is 15-inch screen size, an LCD with an FHD resolution. It has a screen-body ratio of 81.5%, a good color contrast, and wide angles for viewing. It also has a very impressive 300Hz refresh rate and a response rate of 3ms. Although G-sync is not present. The display is suitable for creatives, great for fast-paced gaming and media consumption.


The 300Hz will come in handy for e-sports gamers as they require instant feedback, but other users will not see the 144Hz and the 300Hz.

It is way more colorful than most of its competitors as the display cover 112% sRGB. It has a slim top bezel but the webcam is absent, which is a drawback. Also, like most Asus models, the Scar 15 doesn't have the best brightness level, peaking only at278 nits.


The Scar 15 features the highly rated Core i9-10980HK processor from Intel and 32GB RAM. It can handle web surfing, video streaming, and photo editing without a single lag.

The gaming machine is equipped with enough storage for a speedy 2TB of SSD storage. When put through the test, the Scar 15 performed excellently for file transfer speed, video conversion, and other fields.

The GeForce RX-2070 Super GPU from Nvidia and 8GB VRAM help the Scar 15 execute the top demanding games without stress.

Keyboard and touchpad

The Scar 15 has a Chiclet-style keyboard that feels great. The bounce and spring were great and it's hard to find fault in this one. It feels great for playing games as it is appropriately spaced and sized. The travel time and rate of the keys are great and it has a great layout. The keyboard is a per-key RGB lighting. Although the lighting is not uniform across every key, the Aura Creator application allows for some captivating options.

The touchpad is 4.4 by 2.7-inch sized and the movement was swift. It had eased in executing Windows 10 gestures. The touchpad also has a digital Numpad that functions properly.

Battery life

Gaming rigs are not always the best when it comes to batteries, and the Scar 15 is the same. The average battery life of this category is 4 hours 51 minutes and the Scar 15 only reached 4 hours 31 minutes.


The left side has the trip of Type-A USB 3. 1 ports and the headphone jack. At the rear, there is the Type-C USB port, the RJ-45 Ethernet port, the AC power adapter, and the HDMI 2.0. The only feature on the right is the Keystone II housing.

Final Verdict

The Scar 15 is an impressive gaming machine with a great amount of power, a great chassis, and a gorgeous display. Although the brightness level could be better, and Asus would have scored more points with the presence of a webcam. Above all, Asus delivered an impressive gaming machine. You can trade your laptop for cash with us and use it to buy the new Asus beast.

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