Should I Build a Gaming PC or Buy a Gaming Laptop?

Gamers demand so much from their PC and they want a PC that is capable of facing any form of challenge that they give it. It is difficult to choose an answer for a gamer, between buying a gaming PC or building one, as both of the answers have their advantages.

Because both methods have their benefits and demerits, we decided that it comes to budget, preference, and urgency. Building a gaming rig is mostly cheaper, offers more rewards, and allows for customization. While buying a gaming laptop is easier, faster, and offers more reliability.


The big question is, what are the major factors to consider when making the choice? Formerly, it was very difficult to build a gaming PC, as buying a gaming laptop felt more premium. However, in recent times it has become easier to find and install components, but the accessibility of prebuilt gaming PC has also improved, making it harder to decide what to do.

In this post, we will look into the merits and demerits of buying a gaming laptop and building a gaming PC, to aid you in the decision-making process of acquiring your gaming rig.

Building a Gaming PC

Perhaps, the biggest plus that comes with building a gaming PC is how you can hand-pick each of the components that will be in your system. This gives you the freedom to twitch your gaming rig and customize it in such a way that it gives you the required level of performance and all within your budget. There is also the advantage of personalizing the look to what you like.

Because you are hand-picking each component individually, there is the luxury of time as you shop around for the best deals and save up while you gather the perfect combination for the system. Thrift shoppers even save more money as they purchase fairly-used components from other people.


Although manufacturers of gaming laptops have evolved in the last few years, they still cannot offer the level of freedom and flexibility of building a gaming PC for yourself.

Building a gaming PC by yourself opens a window to the creation of an elegantly unique system. One that you will always be proud to show off whenever the need arises. There is also is a great level of satisfaction that you get when you build your gaming PC, and you will not find this satisfaction elsewhere. Although, it is great to personalize and save money by building your gaming PC. However, doing it yourself requires a lot of effort and dedication, and it is not for the faint-hearted.


Building a gaming PC can be rewarding and exhilarating but it comes with a level of stress, and it can be time-consuming. More so, if you are building a gaming rig for the first time.

Luckily, there are tons of guides out there to help you. Regardless of these guides and the way the process has been simplified, it takes some time and a lot of dedication. Here is where buying a gaming laptop comes in.

Buying a Gaming Laptop

Buying a good gaming laptop can cost a lot. When you spend that level of money, you are essentially paying for other services asides from the parts. There is the support, the warranty service, and the trust that your system was coupled by professionals. These are some of the plus sides to buying a gaming PC.

Recent gaming laptops also include features that you might not find if you are building by yourself. There is also the design that comes with pre-built gaming rigs. Some gaming laptops have unique designs that you will not find when building by yourself. These gaming laptops are designed and built specifically to accommodate different configurations.


You also do not need to bother about managing your cables when buying a gaming laptop. in some cases, gaming laptop companies offer prices that compete with DIY way. Although, you will not have the level of customization that building it yourself offers.

The customer service and warranty that comes with prebuilt gaming laptops are also security that reduces anxiousness.


Either getting a prebuilt gaming laptop or building one yourself, what you want is the best performance possible. Although the freedom that comes with building your gaming PC is something that we love, the security of buying a gaming laptop is also great. You will also be able to sell laptop of a brand name easier than a custom built one.

It is left to you to decide whether it is the freedom or security that you want to prioritize. Whatever your choice may be, you can barely go wrong.


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