Should You Buy a MacBook or Windows Laptop for Creators?

For a long time, I was always an Apple person. I believed that Apple was the standard for technology and it was the pinnacle for performance for every type of creative usage. But as I started to improve my knowledge about the creative uses of different laptops, my view began to change. I discovered that PCs might not have Apple’s aesthetics or feel as nice as Macs, but they are creatively astute. The reason for these views might be due to the number of PC manufacturers out there and that Macs have this exclusivity that Apple has managed to create.

The most important thing I learned when I started looking towards PCs as a creator was the value they offered. You get so much more for your money compared to Macs. It is almost absurd to compare the latest Mac to the latest PC, as it would be an injustice and unfair comparison. This is because the level of performance and amount of power you can get from a PC is way more than what you will get with the Mac.


If you ask most creators why they still use MacBooks, you will get reasons ranging from the legacy and tradition of Apple, User experience, aesthetics, and personal preference. You will rarely get to hear reasons such as performance and power. This is what Windows laptops offer creators.

MacBooks are great when it comes to font rendering and security. These are valid reasons to stick with the MacBook, but as a creator, you need to get more from your laptop performance-wise and in terms of power.

Let’s dig deeper into why I think Windows laptops are better than MacBooks for creators.

Graphics card

MacBooks come with great graphics as they have powerful graphics cards that help them handle the most graphic-intensive tasks like video editing and gaming. However, it varies per model.

The issue here with MacBooks is that only high-end MacBooks have dedicated graphics, as the affordable ones only use Intel’s integrated graphics, and this doesn’t cut it for a lot of creators. For example, gamers will need to invest about $2,000 for a top MacBook that can offer a good gaming experience.


Designers might be able to pull off their work with the graphics card in the affordable MacBooks, but they have more options with Windows PCs. Gamers, video editors, and other professionals with a need for intense graphics will prefer to go the Windows PC route. This is because there are more options on the platform.

Several affordable PCs will serve you with a great gaming experience and powerful graphics cards. In recent times, several Windows PCs with higher graphics capability than Macs.


Gamers are creators that need a lot of power for what they do. From graphics power to processing power. The latest games require high-speed processors. Although MacBooks have powerful processors they are pricey. To get the desired level of power in the processor, you will have to invest in the Mac Pro Series.

There is also the option of overclocking processors in some Windows PC. You can always increase the speed of the processors in some Windows PC.


Apple has always thrived on being exclusive, but gamers need a laptop that is compatible with most games. There are fewer games on the macOS than on the Windows platform. There are close to 7000 games on macOS, compared to more than 20,000 games for Windows.

Apple is putting in a lot of effort to bring more games to the platform but it is hard to compete with Windows in this regard as more game developers prefer to create games for Windows over macOS due to the ease.

Value for money

You can get more Windows PC within a tight budget and it will deliver what you want. There are always options available for Windows PCs. The biggest MacBooks have great features but they also cost a huge amount of money.

Being a creator you want to get all you can when you spend on a laptop. With the same prices as top MacBooks, you will get Windows PCs that have better specs.

The upgradeability is also an issue here, as you will spend way more on upgrading a MacBook than what you will spend to upgrade your Windows PC.

Bottom Line

MacBooks are great and they have outstanding functionality. The user experience is top-notch and they are always attractive to look at. However, as a creator, you want to get a job done. For everything you want in a MacBook, you will find it in Windows PCs and it will be way cheaper. If that convinces you you you can sell MacBook for cash to us and buy a Windows or Linux machine.


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