Nvidia RTX 3060: what does this $329 gaming have to offer?

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Nvidia GeForce RTX-3060 has brought the Ampere technology closer to mainstream users. At $399, it is currently the most-valued GPU among the fresh lineup.

It delivers an outstanding performance that's on the level of what you will get with the RTX-2080Super, and it is even better in certain cases. It gives this level of performance while having a price tag that is accessible for the majority of the users to afford.


When compared to Nvidia GeForce RTX-3080 and RTX-3090, it might not be as great but it provides an excellent option for budget gamers that have been yearning to try the Ultra settings while turning on ray tracing at 1440p.

The Nvidia GeForce RTX-3060 provides an affordable solution for the latest gaming. For users that do not attach great importance to 4K and are content with the 1080p and the 1440p gaming performance, this graphics card from Nvidia is without a doubt the best for them.

Features and chipset

The GeForce RTX-3060 was built on similar Ampere architecture to the RTX-3080 and offers an insight into the Ampere lineup for the budget and mid-range segment in the GPU market.

Just like you will find in the RTX-3070, the RTX-3060 has 8GB of GDDR6 memory, and this is paired along with a 38-Ampere SM (Streaming Multiprocessors). However, due to Nvidia's changes to the SM from Turing, each one now comes with 128 CUDA-cores, double what is in the 64 in every of the Turing Streaming Multiprocessors. This implies that we now have 4,864 CUDA-cores in the RTX-3060, an increase from the 2,176 in the RTX-2060 Super.


There is an increase in power consumption from the RTX-2060 Super, but not as strong as other cards that are in the Nvidia Ampere line-up. The TPG (total graphics power) is 200W in the RTX-3060, an increase from the 175W in the RTX-2060 Super. There is an increase, but it doesn't warrant an increase in the power supply.


The GeForce RTX-3060 is similar to the GeForce RTX-3070 in design. Both cards are of a similar size, have the same amount of fans, and both have exposed fins behind the card that helps to release hot air from the graphics card and out of the system.

The only major difference is the color, as it comes in a lighter gray than the RTX-3070. Yet again, Nvidia delivered a great-looking graphics card in the Ampere line-up.


The cooler in the RTX-3060 is stylish and very effective. During testing, the temperature peaked at 72C, which is similar to what you will find in the RTX-2060 Super, but it consumes 10 percent more power.

It is not all rosy though as the shrink GPU board is a drawback. The RTX-3060 uses the 12-pin power-connector like the rest of the Ampere line-up.


The loveliest thing about this graphics card is how, like other mid-range graphics-cards, it raises the baseline in computer gaming performance, due to its accessibility to everyone. The GeForce RTX-3060 beats the RTX-2060 Super hands down, like every one of the Ampere line-ups did to their predecessors.

Another impressive factor is the way the RTX-3060 compares to the RTX-2080. While Nvidia has claimed that the RTX-3060 has more speed than the RTX-2080 Super, we think that might be an overstatement. However, the RTX-3060 offers a similar performance level as the RTX-2080 Super, which is so impressive, given its price.


The Geforce RTX-3060 delivers a game-changing 1440p performance for the mid-range graphic cards, and it should remain a top choice 1440p card for a while, looking at how both AMD and Nvidia have focused on the 4K as the battleground for Flagship.

If you consider the price and performance, the RTX-3060 is in its league when you talk about 1440p performance. While it is about a similar price range with the RTX-5070 XT from Radeon, it has about 35 percent more speed as per our testing.


If you have been searching for a graphics card in mid-range that can handle 1440p gaming, then you are in luck. At 1440p resolution, it becomes easy to just increase settings to max and forget about it. In the past, this option has not been available in this price range. The most interesting part is how there is enough performance power here to have a peek into what 4K gaming can offer – but it will not offer you the smoothness of the RTX-3080.

Bottom Line

In case if you picked up a wrong set up for you, you can sell computer that you've built for cash to us and build another one. The best thing about the RTX-3060 graphics card is how it offers you the latest at an affordable price. While it might not be able to deliver 4K gaming past entry-level, it does an excellent job at 1440p and 1080p resolution. 

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