HP Envy 14 Vs Razer Book 13 Vs XPS 13: Battle Of The Ultrabooks

Ultrabooks are perfect is for what you want is a portable laptop. When a laptop is called an ultrabook, you can rest assured that it will be lightweight and thin with long-lasting battery life. However, the array of options now available for ultrabooks has made it difficult to select the best one. In this post, we look at three of the best selling laptops currently in the market.

From great performance to a sleek design and gorgeous display, you will find everything in these three ultrabooks. There are also different budgets and they have their strengths and weaknesses.


For many years, several people have regarded the XPS 13 from Dell as the best ultrabook. The latest model maintains the same argument as Dell keeps turning heads with this ultrabook. HP also delivered with the latest Envy 14 model, as they stood up to be counted in the ultrabook industry. The Razer Book 13 is the only non-gaming laptop you will find in the Razer lineup and it is everything you want as an ultrabook.

Here, we take a deeper look into why these three ultrabooks are great options for anyone in need of a portable laptop.


HP Envy 14


HP announced several products at the CES 2021. One of them is the latest version of the Envy 14. This 14-inch Ultrabook comes with a 16:10 display and its GTX graphics. The Envy 14 features the latest hardware components from Nvidia and Intel. It also does well in the battery department.

HP has said that this latest Envy 14 model is targeted at content creators that work on-the-go and they need an averagely priced and reliable portable laptop to work with. The screen seems to be the main selling point of the Envy 14 has it comes with a 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution in a 16:10 panel. It peaks at 400 nits of brightness and its sRGB colors are at 100%.


It is great for daily use but the display might not be the best for creatives. Although we cannot complain too much as the price is below $1000. It works well when editing videos and not too serious photos. It has the GTX 1650Ti GPU and the Intel Tiger Lake CPU. Its 63Wh battery is great, and it has 16GB RAM, as well as SSD storage.


Razer Book 13


The Razer Book 13 stands out among the Razer lineup of laptops. It is not a gaming laptop, a phrase we often do not use with Razer. This ultrabook is a compact and sleek machine that attains the top heights among ultrabooks for performance, design, and features.

Although the price justifies the premium feel to it, as it starts at $1,199. The quality build and efficient performance put this machine in the category of the MacBook Air and the XPS 13. It has a gorgeous edge-to-edge display, a 16:10 13.4-inch display that comes in three different options. a full-HD touch option, the 1920 x 1200 pixel non-touch option, and the 3840 x 2400 pixel 4K touch option.


It has a sleek, silver look with its compact design and this complements its gorgeous display. For performance, it uses the Intel Tiger Lake CPU and the Intel Iris Xe graphics chip. It has 16GB of RAM and 256GB SSD for midrange and base models. Although the storage size is a bit disappointing, it makes up for it with the per-key RGB lighting keyboard, an uncommon feature in Razer laptops.

The battery is long-lasting and the touchpad is superior. You will also enjoy the full number of required ports.


XPS 13


Arguably the best ultraportable in the market according to several reviews over the years. The latest model of the XPS doesn’t disappoint in its functionality and display. The build of the XPS 13 is beautiful to look at.

This laptop might be tiny but it packs enough power with its Intel Tiger Lake CPU. It also has a tall display, with its 16:10 ratio, 13.4-inch, and 1920 x 1200 pixel touchscreen. The keyboard is great, with larger keycaps than the predecessor. It has extremely thin bezels and the screen brightness is top-notch.

The only downside is the number of ports, as it has only a Thunderbolt 4 port for accessories and charging. The battery life is however top-notch.


Final Verdict


This trio is great laptops overall, with the XPS 13 leading the way when it comes to overall review. The performance, design, and display of these ultrabooks make all of them desirable.

Although they each have their downsides, they are mostly things one can live with as you enjoy the good aspects.