Are Desktops Better for Gaming than Laptops?

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Hardcore gamers understand the excitement that comes with playing their favorite games on a large and high-resolution screen.  Most wonder if gaming laptops are not the better option as it would enable flexibility as well as other advantages.

The tech market has grown constantly on the sale of gaming laptops and it is not surprising with the front-line innovations like display resolutions, GPU, and high-speed processors. Laptops have become a reasonable option for gamers, it promises everything a hardcore gamer would need to enjoy a high-quality gaming experience.

Difference between Desktop and Gaming Laptops

Asides from the obvious difference everyone knows between a desktop computer and a laptop, they have major differences in the gaming areas. If you want to know which one exactly to choose, you need to understand its pros and cons.

Getting a gaming desktop will mean dragging wires and dealing with several hassles. A hardcore gamer will hardly be able to drag their desktop around wherever they go. Laptops are practically getting thinner by the day and even the heaviest laptop is still lighter than a gaming desktop.


Most gaming laptops use membrane keys and this cannot withstand continuous pressing down hard or for a long time. In this case, a mechanical keyboard is the best option and this usually comes with a desktop. This would limit even the best gaming laptop and how much you can twinge it to serve you best in the gaming experience.

Every component of a laptop is built-in, from the display to the processor, the keyboard, and the graphics card. And although this could mean you won’t need to assemble your machine, it gives no opportunity to customize your computer.


Most gaming laptops are 15 to 17-inches diagonally and come with full HD screens and 60 Hz refresh rates after your screen display affect your overall gaming experience because the point of submerging yourself into a different universe is to feel connected to it in every way possible. The only reason you can decide to pick a laptop instead is the portability but if you want to get stunning views and a wonderful gaming experience, the desktop is the best option.


The advantage of getting a high-quality gaming monitor is infinite and although it is possible to connect your laptop to an external monitor to experience a high-quality resolution, you might as well choose a gaming desktop. It will allow you to engage in multi-display gaming while using a laptop will only enable connection to a single external monitor.


A gaming desktop offers more customizability than a gaming laptop. A laptop is made to fit into one, it has no space to add additional components and since existing components are fixed, it's not recommended for anything to be added or removed.

While anyone with a fair understanding of computer systems and knowledge of the basics of hardware with some efforts can take apart a PC. With basic knowledge, you can tweak, replace and remove any component to suit your preference.


A gamer will know that the thrill of gaming is usually complete with a rich and clear sound output. A gaming desktop has different options where the sound is concerned, it has a volume that drowns out other noises.

Unfortunately, with a gaming laptop, the sound of the fan drowns out the speaker with its continuous whirring as it can get really loud due to heavy usage. This is so because gaming laptops need to power their fans at full power to maintain temperature.


Gaming or not, the RAM slots on most laptops are very hard to access, and usually, the only way you can get through is to take it apart. Although some laptops allow additional RAM to be installed, this is risky. It will also mess up your laptop's warranty.

On the other hand, a desktop allows you to install more storage in form of HDDs and SSDs with its multiple SATA ports which gives room for a better gaming experience.


You will always get a better gaming experience on a gaming desktop to a laptop. You can trade a laptop for cash with us and use it to buy a desktop to game on. One of the biggest problems with gaming laptops is overheating. They heat up regardless of their inbuilt cooling pads and powerful fans because laptops are generally unable to withstand heavy gaming usage, especially over an extended period. When it comes to speed and performance; a laptop comes nowhere near a gaming desktop. Although the main advantage of a laptop remains its portability and lightness.

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