How Long You Should Wait To Upgrade Your iPhone

Using phones for a long time is encouraged as opposed to changing it every year when a new upgrade comes in. iPhones are built to last, and with careful use, there is no reason you cannot use them for many years. There are different reasons you might want to upgrade your phone, and the most popular reason is when your phone is old by at least a few years. Over the years, Apple has consistently put out a new iPhone, and whenever they do, they come up with new and reformed innovations like a better camera, or -like the last generation of iPhone- a facial recognition technology.

If you are a new technology freak, the idea of these new features may be enough to entice you to upgrade your iPhone, as well as constant ad campaigns and commercials. You might also decide to let go of your old iPhone if it doesn't work as efficiently as it used to, has slow apps responsiveness, or slow charging pace.

Reasons to change your phone

Another reason you might consider changing your iPhone could be due to low storage. Some devices take up to 64 GB of storage, and if you are someone that likes to stock up music library or download non-native apps from the app store, it isn’t much to go by. And you could decide to get one with larger storage space like the 128 or 256 GB.

Most iPhones remain functional for up to four or five years as they continue to support and receive updates. Some people still use their iPhone 7 and 8 gladly. However, iPhones features frequently change over a two-to-three-year span. For instance, when the iPhone X came out in 2017, it was the first of Apple's recent remodeled form factor. Before you decide to upgrade, you should know what you want and the real reason for that choice so that is suitable enough to meet your needs.


When do you know your iPhone needs an upgrade:

You don’t get iOS updates

If you can do without the new features in the latest version of iOS, you should not ignore security updates. More than any other phone maker, Apple has done a great job of supporting old hardware with new versions of its operating system. iOS 12 is supported by iPhones dating back to the iPhone 5s and iPads back to the third-generation iPad and iPad mini. If your iPhone cannot run iOS 12, it is time for an upgrade, because there are critical security updates in every iOS release. When iOS 13 released, it will cut-off old devices still supported by iOS 12. And if your phone does not support it, you might consider upgrading it.

Your screen is bad and unfixable

A cracked screen can be hard and frustrating to use. While most people will probably get it fixed, if you feel like the cost of repair is more than the phone's worth, then you should consider upgrading it. If it is not worth fixing, it is not worth using.

Your camera has gone bad

Phone cameras get better every year, and that doesn't mean you have to change your phone yearly but pictures taken four or five years ago will have less quality than a newer model. There is a different level of satisfaction that comes with taking photos or making videos, but if you feel you want a better quality, then you can opt for a newer model.

You cannot find accessories that fit

iPhones are generally more popular when it comes to accessories, and there are, many to choose from. So when you are unable to find one that fits or works with your phone, then you might want to consider getting a new one.

You are out of storage space

If the storage space that was enough years ago when you bought a new iPhone is suddenly not sufficient anymore, you may want to get a new phone. You may have done everything to free up space, save your photos and videos on the cloud, or even deleted apps you barely use. It is impossible to upgrade your storage space; the best option will be to get an upgrade. Simply trade your iPhone with us for cash and use it to buy a new one.

When you eventually get a new phone, it is important to transfer all of your existing data to it. As expected, you might be turning in your old phone as a swap. The Apple Store will help you transfer your files and then totally clear all the data from your old iPhone before you turn it in.


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