Samsung Galaxy S20 FE: The Best Spent $700

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Samsung decided to give people what they want in the Galaxy S20 FE and offered it a decent price. It doesn’t matter if they trimmed the rest of the features, they have gotten users right where they want them. The triple cameras that 30 times Space Zoom, a 120GHz display, and 5G are some of the mouth-watering features Samsung is offering in the Galaxy S20 FE.  And this is all at a $300 cheaper price than the normal Galaxy S20.

It is quite obvious what Samsung is trying to do with the Galaxy S20 FE, a phone built to cater to the needs of young shoppers. The 32MP front camera in the Galaxy S20 FE gives a sharper picture than that of the Galaxy S20 – a feature that will please young shoppers who love to take loads of pictures. The Galaxy S20 FE also comes in a variety of colors, up to six.


If what you want is a phone that offers great stuff at a reasonable price, then the Galaxy S20 FE is for you.

However, you also have to understand that Samsung had to sacrifice some things to offer such a good price. Features like RAM, the display resolution, it's plastic back, and charger, are all areas that Samsung compromised. Despite these compromises, the Galaxy S20 FE is one of the best value for money you will find in the market.

Let’s delve into specifics.


The Galaxy S20 FE has a 120Hz display and a 2400 x 1800 pixels full HD+ screen. What you get from the 120Hz display is smoother scrolling and better performance for gaming. Whether it is scrolling through a website or playing COD, you will enjoy the 120Hz display.

The OLED panel in the Galaxy S20 FE also shines when watching movies. The color detailing is good for the eyes. During tests, the display did well, recording 679 nits peak of brightness despite adaptive brightness being on.  Although the Galaxy S20 reached 857 nits, the 679 nits are greater than the 600 nits benchmark.

The Galaxy S20 FE performs better than the Galaxy S20 in color accuracy tests. Which shows how much you will enjoy using the media on the phone.


The Galaxy S20 FE comes in six colors, from Red, Mint, Navy, Lavender, Orange to White. Despite the compromises Samsung made in the design of the phone, it doesn’t look cheap in any way. At the back, there is plastic rather than glass, but this doesn’t affect the feel in any way as Samsung made sure to do a good job around the curves.

The Galaxy S20 FE has thicker bezels than the Galaxy S20, but it almost gives a full-screen experience when using it. The cutout on the Galaxy S20 FE also appears smaller than that of the Galaxy S20, which helps the screen look better despite the thick bezels.


Samsung didn’t compromise on the water-resistance standard in the Galaxy S20 FE, it is IP68 rated. The Galaxy S20 FE isn’t as light as the Galaxy S20, weighing 6.7 ounces compared to 5.7 ounces in the Galaxy S20. This is as a result of having a larger display.

The only complaint we had about the Galaxy S20 FE design was the optical sensor fingerprint reader implanted in the display. It is not the most accurate when trying to unlock the phone.


The Galaxy S20 FE has three rear lenses like an iPhone 11. At the back, there is the 12MP camera which is the main, the 12MP ultra-wide shooter, and the 8MP telephoto lens that has a digital 30x Space Zoom and 3x optical zoom.

The back cameras perform well in the daytime and nighttime, while the front camera has the ultra-wide option that offers flexibility for when it is a selfie for more people.


The Galaxy S20 FE has 6GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 865 processor, 128GB of storage which can be expanded up to 1TB via the microSD card. The Galaxy S20 FE is quite responsive except for a slight lag that occurs occasionally when going back to the home screen.

Battery life

The Galaxy S20 FE will take you through the day at full charge. It has a 4,500 mAh battery which is better than the Galaxy S20 at 4,000 mAh.

Final Verdict

The 120Hz refresh rate in the Galaxy S20 FE display is great, it offers solid performance and great cameras. The Galaxy S20 FE will be hard to beat in its category. There is a little complaint about the fingerprint sensor, but this a great phone for this price. It might be a good idea to trade your iPhone if you wanna save money.


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