Eluctronics RP15: Best Value High Performing Gaming Laptop 2020

Eluktronics Mech 15 G2 Back

Eluktronics is not a popular laptop brand, but they have amazing laptops. They are one of the several small laptop companies trying to close the gap with the big brands in gaming computing. Although, it is not all rosy with the Eluktronics RP15 despite how amazing it is. It has its drawbacks like every other gaming machine.

One of the drawbacks is that you will not find this device in many places throughout the world. This means you will have to incur shipping fees which raises the total cost. When you compare the cost to gaming laptops you can get at the local retailer, you might feel it is not worth the stress. There is also the issue of AMD CPU shortage that we hear from a lot of manufacturers lately.


The noise emission is something you also have to live with, as it is ultra-loud. Asides from these drawbacks, the RP15 is an amazing gaming laptop, it is ultra-fast and ultra-light. Despite the size and weight, the CPU performance is great and the battery life is decent.

Let’s get into specifics and see why the RP15 is the best high performing gaming laptop around.

Design and build

Eluktronics did not try too hard with the 15 inch model design. They adopted a simple approach, with a clean and smooth design. No marketing fluff such as RGB or other crazy design features. Eluktronics hooked up with dbrand for the top cover. Dbrand produces the dark matrix skin that can come pre-applied or you can apply it yourself. The skin gives the laptop a better look and we love it.

Its chassis is made of plastic materials and aluminum. The hinge is decent but could wobble a little bit at times, while the display flexes sometimes. For the price and material used for the build, one could excuse this.

A 4.3lbs weight and thickness of 19.8mm mean it is easy to move around with. It is surprisingly slim for an AMD equipped laptop.


The display is great, especially with the good color balance. The display size is 15.6-inch and 1080p IPS-like. It has a 144Hz refresh rate and you can do some level of content creation with the color display and balance.

It is not the best gaming laptop for outdoor situations with 330 nits’ brightness.

The RP15 is a gaming laptop before anything, therefore it delivers greatly on this with the high refresh rate. Judging the display solely by this and the good color balance will make you realize that it delivers on its promise as a great gaming laptop.

Keyboard and trackpad

The RP15 has a clean interior, and the keyboard is full-sized. On the keyboard, there is a switch button that helps you switch between different modes. There is the Gaming Mode, the Office Mode, and the Beast Mode. It allows ease of access, which is great. The keyboard is backlit, making that the sole RGB element on the RP15.

The trackpad sits perfectly with a good level of responsiveness and great travel distance. The materials used for the trackpad are comfortable and quite smooth, and it supports Windows Precision drivers.

Eluktronics delivered excellently in this department.


This laptop is loaded in terms of connectivity. On the right side, there is an SD card reader slot and the Gen 1 USB 3.1 port. On the left, there is one USB 2.0 port, the Kensington lock, an audio jack, and the RJ45 jack. Behind, you will find the HDMI 2.0, a Gen 2 USB Type-C port, and two mini ports.


There are different modes on the RP15. When compared to other gaming laptops with AMD, it clocks a higher speed. The RTX 2060 GPU helps to achieve a great gaming experience, as it performs better than other gaming laptops. You can trade your laptop for cash with us and buy a better one. Perhaps the new Eluktronics.

Battery life

Battery life in the RP15 is not the greatest. The Office Mode consumes the least among the modes, and it clocked little above 8 hours with light loading. If you open more apps and run them simultaneously, the battery capacity goes down reduces. However, the battery life is still decent for what if offers and it can be classified as average.


Eluktronics did well with the RP15. They maximized performance, increased connectivity flexibility, and gave it a good looking chassis. What they achieved with the AMD Ryzen CPU is commendable. Bigger brands will look up to them and try to emulate this.

If you can lay your hands on an Eluktronics RP15, it is great and you will enjoy the experience.


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