Easiest Way to Build a Gaming PC for Beginners

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For most gamers, the dream is to build a gaming PC of their own. It is a thought process that we highly encourage, as building your gaming PC is one of the best ways to invest your money. You get to build a gaming PC to your taste and use components that you are satisfied with. You get to build a machine that is a powerful beast, will last longer, and quite versatile for other needs.


Proper maintenance of the self-built gaming machine can see it last for up ten years with consistent upgrades. However, building can be a strenuous and confusing process, especially for beginners. Before you learn how to put them together, you need to know the required components. In this article, we will address all you need as a beginner to build a gaming computer in the easiest way possible.


Every machine has its peculiarity and what makes it special. You need to know what you want from your gaming PC, before buying the components. There are several components and it can get confusing at times. After reading this guide, we expect you to make a better-informed decision on building your gaming PC as a beginner.

The basic parts you need to build your gaming pc

The processor is what ensures your PC carries out commands. The CPU sends the command messages across your computer to activate the action. The higher the speed, the faster your PC works.

Graphics Card:

For a gaming PC, the graphics card is as important as the CPU. It is in charge of processing images that you see on the monitor. The more powerful the GPU, the better graphics and images you get.


Your PC’s RAM (Random access memory) dictates the size of the data your computer can process at a time. It is where your PC gets the information it needs quickly. The higher your RAM, the better the efficiency your PC can process information.


All of your PC’s hardware lives on the motherboard. It must be compatible with other parts of your PC. Some motherboards have integrated graphics cards and some other features that will enhance performance.


There are two types of storage for PCs. There is the HDD and the SSD, with the SSD more favored than the HDD. The storage is where you store your files, and the bigger it is, the more files you can store on your machine.


For some, this might be optional. However, it is advisable to get a case for your gaming computer. It helps to keep dust from getting inside your PC.  It also beautifies your system and protects your hardware.

Power supply:

This is an important piece for your computer to function. It gets electrical power into your PC and it is important you get the right one.

Here are 10 easy steps to building your gaming PC as a beginner

Before you get into these steps, you need to dissipate any charge stored in your body. No static electricity, and you can do this by building on a flat surface. Also, light up the room properly and get started.

  • Assemble the motherboard first as this is the house for all other components. You want it ready before fixing other parts on it.

  • Install the processor (CPU) by getting it out of its case, and gently placing it in the socket on the motherboard.

  • The next step is to install the M.2 SSDs on the motherboard and gently screw it in.

  • Place in the RAM by checking for the correct slots on the motherboard manual. This is because you will find four slots and you have only two RAM sticks that need to be spaced.

  • Prepare your case for the motherboard by screwing it in the right way, ready for it to hold the motherboard properly.

  • Place your motherboard into the case. Make sure it fits and everything is appropriately placed before screwing it in.

  • Fix in the power supply by checking out the case manual and setting it in properly

  • Plug the power and case cables on the motherboard. You have to be patient when you do this as the case cables are so tiny.

  • Install the processor cooling system

  • Install the graphics card (GPU) into the slot

  • Run the OS into the PC


With these easy steps, you have built yourself a gaming rig that will last you for years. Remember, your components depend on the level and type of gaming PC you want to build. If you don't make it right the first time you can trade your computer and start over. Every build is a great experience that adds up to your knowledge and nerd-wisdom.


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