Gigabyte’s Console Killer vs. PS5

Gigabyte released a new gaming PC recently and called it the console killer. Many gamers around the world wonder what that means for gaming consoles in terms of relevance. However, many still think that they serve very different purposes and should not be dubbed a console killer. Regardless of what people think, here is a review of the new device.


Motherboard: A490I Aorus Ultra mITX

CPU: Intel Core i9-10900k

GPU: Gigabyte NVIDIA RTX 3070 with Windforce 3X cooling system.

Power: 750 Watts PSU (Gigabyte P750GM)

Cooling: Aorus Liquid cooler (Aorus 240)

Memory: 16GB of DDR4 Aorus 3600MHz RGB RAM

Storage: 1TB Gigabyte Aorus NVMe Gen4 M.2 SSD

Display: Gigabyte M27Q 27-inch QHD gaming monitor (@170Hz) with KVM support

Peripherals: Mechanical Keyboard (Aorus K1), Mouse (Aorus M5 gaming mouse, 16000 DPI sensor)

PlayStation 5 Specifications

The CPU of the PlayStation 5 is the Octa-core AMD Zen 2 CPU, and the GPU can provide up to 10.3 Teraflops. The PS5 has 16GB of DDR6 RAM and an 825GB SSD with only 667GB available to the user in terms of available storage.


The Gigabyte is filled with beasty components, and it performs as such. It would shreds through most games easily at up to 2K resolution and still offer the versatility of using it as a work machine as well. One major difference between the PlayStation 5 and the Gigabyte console killer is that while the PlayStation 5 is designed to handle games at 4K resolution and up to 120fps, the console killer would struggle to play games at 4K and 120fps.

Also, the fancy new storage system in the PlayStation 5 provides it with many advantages like in-game accessing, storage and loading times much faster than anything the Gigabyte console killer would be able to provide.


However, if you are looking for a gaming pc that can shred through games at 2K resolutions and up to 170fps and above, then the Gigabyte console killer would be a fantastic addition to your gaming setup and would probably be the center of your gaming setup for a very long time.

The addition of mechanical keyboards and a lightning-fast gaming mouse means that you can always count on the Gigabyte console killer to get you through any competitive gaming session.

Comparison with the PS5

It does not make sense to compare the Gigabyte console killer with the PlayStation 5 as they do not come at the same price tag and don’t have the same game lineup either. While the Gigabyte console killer is significantly more powerful than the PlayStation 5 and even the Xbox Series X combined, it makes no sense to buy it in place of the consoles, especially if your budget is not more than $600.

In our opinion, the PlayStation 5 has a myriad of advantages over the PlayStation 5 if what you seek is a gaming machine that can run every game thrown at it comfortably at 4k and above 60fps. Also, at the price tag of over $2,000, the Gigabyte console killer is a way more expensive option than the PlayStation 5.


The PlayStation 5 is a significantly quieter gaming system than the Gigabyte console killer and would probably suit the aesthetics of a living room better than the Gigabyte console killer ever would.

Therefore, if a gaming system is what you need, you should stick with the Xbox Series X, which is the most powerful gaming console ever built and can run every game that can be run on the PC for less than a fraction of the price.

Final Verdict

The price of the Gigabyte console killer makes a significantly more expensive gaming system than the Xbox and PlayStation 5 combined, and for many, that already means that it cannot compete with the consoles in the first place. While the Gigabyte console is a more powerful gaming system, it is in no way a direct competition to either the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X, as it is way more expensive and cannot play the same games as the PlayStation 5.

There are gaming PCs with lesser price tags that would perform just as well as the Gigabyte console killer and offer better value. You can trade any laptop with us and get the computer you desire. In the end, consoles and PCs don’t perform the same function and should, therefore, be considered separately.


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