Is The AirPod Max Really Worth $550?

Apple AirPods with case

Apple released the luxury Airpods Max and the first we can say is that this price is not for regular consumers. From the pricing, we can all agree that this Airpods Max is for Apple enthusiasts with deep pockets and unwavering love for Apple products. Apple released these Airpods Max as a premium product in the headphones category.


From the little time spent with the Airpods Max, we can say it delivers premium audio sound, with great noise cancellation. We have our complaints though, one of which is the case. It didn’t make a lot of sense to us.

We have tested the Airpods Max, we have things that we like and the ones we don’t. Let’s dig in:

Made of high quality, comfort-giving materials

The materials used for the Airpods Max might have given the price tag a bit of justification. The materials are incredible to hold and wear. Although they are a tad heavy, weighing 384 grams. It is made of stainless steel, aluminum, and a knit band. The design is comfortably glamorous, a design that is uncommon with headphones. It looks durable and gives a clue that it will last long.


The finish is a knit mesh, which has matching colors that have a similar look to the weave you will find on the band of some Apple watches. It performs well in containing the heat that comes from the cushion, and it is comfortable to wear on the ear.

Perhaps, the most appealing part of the design is in the cushion part of the Airpod’s ear cups that are magnetically attached. You can remove them for deep cleaning with a slight tug. You wouldn’t find this feature in any other headphones available in the market.

The underwhelming case

It is not all rosy with Apple’s Airpods Max, as we struggle to see the benefits of the case. According to Apple, this is a smart case but in the real sense, it doesn’t do the job of a case. It doesn’t adequately protect the headphone as it should. The ear cups are the only parts protected by the case.

The case doesn’t protect the Airpods against drops. Some lower parts of the Airpods Max are also exposed.

The only pro to the case is how it puts the Airpods Max in the low-power mode, as you cannot them off.

A satisfying and refreshing sound

At such a price, the least you would expect is great sound from the Airpods Max. It doesn’t disappoint in this regard as it produces a great and satisfying sound. You can hear the sound of every instrument, and the bass can be deeper when you need it to be, without affecting the tones. The sound doesn’t distort at any volume.

In each ear cup, you will find 40-millimeter drivers. Inside the drivers, there are two magnet motors (neodymium ring) that create amazing sound through physical movement.

Top noise-cancellation and transparency

The Airpods Max stands toe to toe with the best headphones in noise-cancellation. It is arguable the best when it comes to this. This is made possible by active usage of up to nine microphones and passively sealing the earcups. The two processors inside help to block the noise and you hear is a small hiss.

No U1 Chips

Another issue with the Airpods Max is the lack of U1 chips. Which means there is no precise positioning. The U1 chip would have helped to figure out the way you wear the headphones without the need for different drivers.  It could also have helped to connect the headphone to AirTags to find it in case it goes missing.

Like the AirPods Pro, the Airpods Max has the H1 chip. These chips ensure that the Airpods Max sync well with Siri and iPhones in general. It also helps with the noise-cancellation and production of quality sound.

Bottom line

The Airpods Max is an excellent headphone with some great features. The design is premium. The sound is satisfying and it has good connectivity with Apple devices. Not forgetting the noise-cancellation ability, which is arguably the best in the market right now.

However, the case doesn’t do enough justice, and it is a major turn-off in such an expensive headphone. For a $550 headphone, you don’t want basic complaints such as the casing. The battery life is also average and it could have been better in our opinion.


Are they worth the price or not? If what you are looking for is a luxury headphone that produces great sound, the Airpods Max is a great option. However, other cheaper options also offer great sound, but not a premium look and feel like the Airpods Max. If you need extra money you can trade in laptop or another electronic device for cash with us. 


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