MacBooks With M1 Chips: Better Or Not?

Imagine a laptop that is faster than 95 percent of laptops in the world. This was Apple’s promise when they announced that they will be transitioning to a different newly built processor. This promise brought a lot of skepticism as Apple claimed they will improve battery life and boost performance with this new chip. Combine this with the past failure from Microsoft and Qualcomm in this regard.

Now, we have received the first set of Macbooks with M1 chips, and it looks like Apple has indeed changed the laptop world overnight. Apple delivered with its new M1 chips, as they not only match their Intel colleagues, they also surpassed them in almost every aspect. The new Apple M1 chip held its own brilliantly against the most powerful Intel Core i9 chip in laptops.


Apple’s new M1 chip is so good that it has immediately flipped the conversation from how to take a gamble on Apple’s latest untested processor to how can the competitors like AMD, Intel, and Qualcomm match this?

In past years, AMD and Intel have being at the top, with minor improvement here and there on battery life, CPU performance, and GPU. However, Apple has decided to take the whole game to a new level that has never been seen before. The good cohesion and connection between software and hardware have helped Apple to record great success on its phone and pads, and now they have done the same for their laptops.

What is the M1 Chip?

Apple released its first chip and it is the M1 chip. It is on three Macbooks already – the MacBook Pro, the Mac mini, and the MacBook Air. The M1 has the best structure in the world of any chip right now, with five nanometers in size. It is better than Intel in this regard, as Intel is ten nanometers wide and AMD is seven nanometers wide.


The smaller the structure, the higher the number of transistors it possesses, with the M1 having up to sixteen billion transistors. That is more than the number you will find in other chips. The M1 chip has eight cores, with four of them as performance-cores that help boost pure power in the computer. The remaining four work as power savers.

The M1 chip cannot have reduced performance as a result of memory access reshape. This is due to its unified memory build, which works to make sure that every component has access to equal RAM storage.


The new M1 chip is a performance beast according to Apple. The MacBook Air comes with this chip and it performs about 3.5 times the previous processor, and 5x the GPU performance. Apple has claimed that this new chip has a processing speed better than 98 percent of the laptops produced in the last one year. It is also claimed that the MacBook Pro could likely make better use of the M1 chip than the MacBook Air, which goes to show that we could see a better performance from the M1.


The Graphics aspect of the M1 chip saw a massive improvement. There are eight cores in the integrated graphics unit. This will music to the ears of gamers, as this will increase the frame rate in games. Also, creative applications that are graphics-heavy could benefit from a better graphics frame rate.

Apple also did a first with the M1, as speech recognition, image recognition, and motion analysis are all taken care of by the Neural Engine. According to Apple, the Neural Engine will bring performance improvement.

Battery Life

The M1 has an undoubted level of power, but there are still reservations when it comes to proving itself against mobile chips with the same number of cores produced by other manufacturers. The MacBook Air has the M1 chip and Apple has promised up to 18 hours of battery life. if this level of battery performance is combined with the CPU performance, it is not hard to see why the M1 chip has propelled Apple to the top.


Apple blessed the M1 chip with the secure enclave and this should help the Touch ID in the latest Macs work faster than previous models.


Apple has ushered the Mac into a new era of success with the introduction of the M1. The M1 gives Apple an avenue to set the pace without waiting for others in the computer world. This will also make it difficult for others to copy their work and they can revel in their uniqueness. The M1 is the entry into the future. Get ready to trade your Macbook for cash with us to buy the new model.


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