iPhone 12 Pro VS iPhone 11 Pro

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Since it's a new iPhone season, we know a lot of people are in the dilemma of making decisions. Apple lovers are torn between upgrading their iPhone 11 or sticking with it. Let’s assume you are a big fan of the Pro series and you own the iPhone 11 Pro, but you have a dilemma between keeping your iPhone 11 Pro or upgrading to the iPhone 12 Pro. There is the option of iPhone trade-in, but is paying the extra dollars’ worth it?


Price-wise, the iPhone 12 Pro cost $999, while the iPhone 11 Pro goes for $900 as at the point of writing this. Trading in could save you over $400, but could you be better off spending the money elsewhere? The iPhone 12 Pro comes with 5G coverage but is that feature enough for you to splurge hundreds of dollars? Several features come anew with the iPhone 12 Pro, but needing them is dependent on what you need in a phone.


Let’s take a look into how both compare and see if the iPhone 12 Pro is worth the hundreds of extra dollars you will spend to upgrade.

First, what are the similarities?

Some features remain unchanged in the new iPhone 12 Pro. The wireless charge and the lightning port charge feature remain constant, although the 12 Pro doesn’t have a charger in its box, unlike the 11 pro. Both phones support the new Magsafe charger from Apple.

Both models have the Face ID screen unlock feature. It is also impossible to expand storage in both models, as they do not support this.

Now, how are they different?

The design is an obvious difference between these phones. The iPhone 12 pro feels lighter to hold due to the flattened sides. Apple also went some years back to bring back the legendary squared-off edges from the iPhone 5 for the iPhone 12 pro. The iPhone 12 Pro comes wrapped in a modern-looking metal frame.


The iPhone 12 pro manages to add more while shedding bezels from the iPhone 11 Pro. The slimmer bezels houses a bigger screen compared to the iPhone 11 pro. It increases this screen size with little increase in total weight and size. The screen size went from 5.8-inch in the iPhone 11 Pro to 6.1-inch in the iPhone 12 Pro.

The screen

Arguably seen as the most notable difference between both phones. The screen glass gets an upgrade in the iPhone 12 Pro. Apple introduced its latest screen technology, the ceramic shield, with the iPhone 12 Pro. The ceramic shield is said to be 4 times better than the gorilla glass screen in the drop test. The gorilla screen also does well in the drop test, but it still comes off with little damage. On the other hand, the iPhone 12 Pro has peak toughness and increased drop performance drastically, not recording any form of damage after it was dropped.

Different color selection

The iPhone 12 pro comes with more color selections than the iPhone 11 pro. The iPhone 12 Pro comes in Gold, Pacific Blue, Graphite, and Silver. The iPhone 11 pro colors are Gold, Silver, Space Gray, and Midnight green.


Asides from the screen type, another notable difference, and upgrade between the iPhone 11 Pro and 12 Pro is the camera. Apple added a lot of upgrades to both software and hardware of the camera in the iPhone 12 Pro. It is suggested the iPhone 12 Pro camera is the best in the world currently, which shows how good it is.

One of the upgrade features is the lidar. Its full meaning is light detection and ranging, and it is sensor technology. It makes use of a laser to improve pictures in low-light and portrait mode.


The other stand-out feature in the iPhone 12 Pro camera is ProRaw, a feature that allows photographers and photo enthusiasts to have creative control over editing their pictures. It presents the user with the raw format of the photo without auto-editing it.

Processor and 5G

Apple upgraded the processor in the iPhone 12 Pro. The A14 Bionic chip is what you will find in the new model, while the iPhone 11 Pro has the A13 processor.

Also, the iPhone 12 Pro has the 5G feature that you wouldn’t find on the iPhone 11 Pro. The 5G might not be in play right now across the world, but when it does, the iPhone 12 Pro is prepared.


At the current price, the difference between both phones isn’t much. However, you have to decide if the difference is enough to get 5G connectivity, an upgraded camera, and a stronger screen.


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