Why the Pixel 4a is the Best Budget Phone in 2020

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Over the years, Google has earned a reputation for offering the best gadgets and technologies at the most affordable prices.

They continue the trend with the latest Google Pixel 4A introduced to the market. This is a follow-up on the Google Pixel 3A, which was sold for $400. The Pixel 4A is $50 cheaper and offers excellent value for your money.

Like every phone, the Pixel 4A has its shortcomings. Like the absence of a face scanner and wireless charging. However, it makes up for it in other ways.

Screen and Display

The screen is an amazing 5.81 inches, and it comes with a 1080p OLED panel. It also has HDR support. This technology is one of the latest, and it makes the Pixel 4A better than its predecessor in color accuracy and contrast. When you step under the sunlight, you get to use the "overboost" feature, which makes it better to use outside.

However, there might just be one problem regarding the screen. According to some users, although few, there seems to be an issue with the auto-brightness. The auto-brightness fluctuates at random for no notable reason.

Besides that, for its price, it has a great display and screen.


The Pixel 4A has an excellent battery life for its quality and price range. Although, how long it will last depends on the level of usage.

You could easily get over six hours of screen time daily on the Pixel 4A, and this is with heavy usage. Although, the battery life reduces when you do things like leaving your Bluetooth on, Wi-Fi, and doing long video calls. Add all that to a max increase in outdoor brightness, and your Pixel 4A battery could still deliver over four hours of screen time.

The battery life isn't phenomenal, but it is good enough when compared to most android phones.


Right from the very first Pixel made by Google, the camera has always been a thing of beauty. It continues to impress with the Pixel 4A. The 12MP camera delivers crisp and clear shots. The pictures are excellent, and they carry the usual contrast look that comes with Google phones.


You can be assured of getting a great outcome every time you decide to strike a pose. The zoom feature is great, as you get lovely results even when you zoom in to take a picture. With the Pixel 4A, you are getting the best phone camera for photography, and at a budget price.


The Pixel 4A comes with the Snapdragon 730, a mid-range Qualcomm chipset to power its software. The Snapdragon 730 is not the most powerful chipset, but it does enough to ensure a smooth run. The 6GB RAM, along with this chip, ensures that the Pixel 4A handles everything you throw at it.


You might encounter stutters at intervals, or even a lockup at times. However, the overall performance doesn't breed many complaints. Compared to its predecessor, the Pixel 3A, it performs much better.

Speakers and Headphones

The Pixel 4a offers a good stereo speaker. It blasts through the primary speaker, which is at the bottom, as well as the beloved headphone jack. Admittedly, it is not the most impressive, but it's good enough. However, you can get amazing sounds through great headphones.

Fingerprint sensor

It comes with a great sensor. The sensor is well placed, it is fast and catches your prints easily.

Final Verdict

With the Pixel 4A, you know you are getting value for money. It comes with its little flaws, but for $350, you will not find another with all it offers. In the eyes of many, rightfully so, the Pixel 4A is the best smartphone Google has made to date. Google has managed to get a lot of things right with this, with no major setback. If you feel convinced your can trade your iPhone for the new Android phone. 

Google has managed to correct the flaws from its Pixel 3A flagship. They did this without putting a heavy price on it, and they stuck to their strengths.


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